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April 2017

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Effect of different pre-treatments on seed germination and watering regime on growth of Adansonia digitata (Linn.) seedlings
Oboho, E.G. and Ahanon, E.C.

The As a result of high level of exploitation, seed dormancy as well as the scarcity of its wildings Adansonia digitata is facing a high level of endangerment. The study is set to examine the responses of Adansonia digitata L. seeds to varying pre-treatment methods and watering regimes in the nursery. The pre-treatments were control (untreated) (T1), fire treatment (T2), 60% sulphuric acid treatment (T3), 80% sulphuric acid treatment (T4), hot water treatment (T5), soaking in tepid water for...

Perception on the benefits and burdens of community living around the protected areas: a case study of syaubari buffer zone community, langtang national park, Rasuwa, Nepal
Sherchan, R., Rijal, K. and Bajracharya, S. B.

Buffer Zone communities living around the National Parks in Nepal have both benefits and burdens. Park office provisions the buffer zone communities, handovers the community forest and shares 30-50 % revenue for conservation, livelihoods and community development. But burdens do exist primarily as human wildlife conflict. 145 households were interviewed in Syaubari community, Langtang National Park, Rasuwa, Nepal to assess the benefits and local perception towards those benefits. Focus group...

Cognitive functioning in older adults with generalized anxiety disorder
David Brugos Miranda

Introduction: The relationship between clinical anxiety and cognitive impairment in the elderly population is not well established and there is contradictory evidence that depends on the cognitive functions studied. In order to study this relationship in the case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), we performed a comparative study of general cognitive functioning, inhibitory control and Working Memory of elderly people with GAD and elderly without GAD.
Material and methods:28...

Impact of macroeconomic uncertainities and political risks on the pattern of fdi in the developing world: An empirical evidence from african, asian and latin american economies
Dr. Sarmita Guha Ray

While recent times have witnessed a surge of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into the developing world, these inflows remain below optimal levels. By using data on African, Asian, and Latin American economies this study attempts to investigate the role of political risk and macroeconomic uncertainty stemming from the foreign exchange market as determinants of the patterns of FDI. Moreover, given the low share of FDI going into African economies, this study focuses special attention...

Performance analysis of reconfigurable communication system based on diversity and spatial multiplexing
Poongodi, C., Renuga Devi, M. and Sasireka, N.

In mobile communication environment, the wireless channel is time varying due to the mobility of the wireless terminal and multi-path propagation. To provide wide area network coverage at true broadband data rates, both WiMAX and future versions of 3GPP must adopt Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and Adaptive Antenna Systems (AAS) technologies. So an algorithm for reconfigurable communication system based on both MIMO and AAS is proposed. In the proposed algorithm, either MIMO or AAS...

Evaluation of ghrit kumari swarasa in the management of Kashtartava
Dhiman Sonia

Ghrit Kumari Swarasa (Aloe barbadensis Miller’s juice) is popular preparation these days which is indicated as hepatoprotective, appetite enhancer, wound healer, rejuvenator, beneficial for skin and in gynaecological disorders. The present clinical study was done on 15 patients of Kashtartava by getting the reference from bhaishjyatnavali where this drug is mentioned as bhawana dravya of rajahpravartini vati. Each patient was given fresh prepared juice in the dose of 25 ml tid for three...

The influence of the additional usage of L-arginine on the factors of vasodilation and the clinical data, complicated with cardiac decompensation with reduced and preserved fracture of the left ventricle that patients with stable coronary heart disease ha
Denesyuk, V. and Muzyka, N.

Introduction: The endothelial dysfunction is one of the most difficult forms of vascular malformation. The dominant ferment, that provides the synthesis NO in the blood-making stream, is the endothelial NO-synthase, that is produced on the endothelium and plays an important role in the basic level NO support (Erdei et al., 2014; Cwynar et al., 2015). It is proved that the reduction of the activity еNOS leads to the decrement NO production and is one of the key elements of pathogenesis...

Solid waste quantification and characterisation of selected landfills in Ghana
Linda Appiah Boamah, Ernest Kusi and Ampaw Kofi Nyarko

Population growth, urbanization and economic development are some factors contributing to an increase in waste quantities and diversification. Characterization and quantification of waste enhances efficient comparisons of different waste management systems .This study sought to investigate the quantity and characterization of land filled waste. Questionnaires, interviews, site visits and hand/manual sorting were done to obtain primary sources of information. This was substantiated with...

Computational analysis of catalyst light-off temperature in exhaust system of an IC engine
Vijaygouda M. Hiregoudar, Srivatsa S and Praveenkumar B. S.

Catalytic converter of an engine becomes operational at a temperature of around 200 to 225˚C. During cold conditions engine components take more time to warm up, similarly the catalytic converter also takes more than usual time to reach light-off temperature, which means exhaust gases will escape untreated. In these situations the placement of the catalytic converter plays an important role, i.e. if it is placed too near to head of exhaust, time required to reach light-off temperature will...

Implant backtracking- a valuable tool in forensic identification – An advanced radiological study
Saraswathi Gopal, K., Naveen Kumar.B and HarshaVardhan, B.G.

Introduction: Scientific Advancements come as a boon to mankind. Mishaps bring doom. In mass disasters such as aircraft crashes or bomb blasts where there is gross mutilation of bodies, there has always been a search for the ideal clue which can help in individual identification. There is a demand that the remains be high temperature resistant and can directly point out to the individual without too much hassles. This retrospective study investigates one such valuable evidence- Implants...

Total reduction of leakage power through combined effect of sleep stack and variable body biasing technique

Leakage power consumption has become a major concern for VLSI circuit designers. Leakage power will become dominant by the year 2020 as per the report of ITRS. I propose the new approach, named sleepy stack with variable body biasing (SSVBB), which reduces the leakage current thereby saving the state of art. It uses traditional sleep transistors which are placed parallel to PMOS/NMOS between the pull up/pull down device and VDD/GND. Dual Vth can be also be applied to reduce sub threshold...

Impact of dissolved oxygen and temperature on copepods in Chakki talab, Telangana, India
VasudhaLingampally, Solanki, V.R. and Sabita Raja

The present study was conducted for a period of one year, October 2015 to September 2016 to study the effect of temperature and dissolved oxygen on copepods of Chakkitalab. Copepods exhibited negative correlation with dissolved oxygen and positive correlation with water temperature. The copepod occurrence throughout the study period indicates organic pollution in the lake.

Pyrexia of unknown origin responding to antidepressant therapy: A case report
VijendraNath Jha and ShambhawiRoy

The subjective complaint of raised body temperature is a common observation in outpatient clinic, though prevalence data to support the fact is lacking. Some studies have reported this phenomenon to be related to psychological stress, but still it remains less recognized and poorly understood. These patients thus have to undergo several investigations and treatment with minimal improvement and at times being questioned on the veracity of such complaints. This case highlights the plight of...

Cross layer umpiring system design in wireless mobile ad hoc networks
Kirubakaran, N. and Dr. Kathirvel, A.

A wireless mobile ad hoc network is a dynamic wireless network with the engagement of cooperative nodes with a infrastructure less networks. Multicasting routing is intended for group communication that supports the dissemination of information from a sender to all the receivers in a group. Problems in ad hoc networks are the scarcity of bandwidth, short lifetime of the nodes due to power constraints, dynamic topology caused by the mobility of nodes. We would like to provide solution for the...

Examining the state of public schools in the gas flaring areas of Nigeria
OgbondaUche Joyce and ErikBichard

The Niger Delta region produces over 82.8% of the natural gas that is associated with oil production in Nigeria. Due to economic and political reasons, this gas is not retained for energy use. Instead, it is burned off in the air. The pollution caused by these flares creates many environmental, social and economic impacts on the building fabric of public schools and the health of the users of such buildings in the vicinity of oil fields. Current architecture and building materials used to...

Identification of peach fruit fly, Bactrocera zonata (saunders) in Iraq
Samira A. Khlaywi, Hussain F. Alrubeai, Ali Dhumad Kadhim. Ahmed Fawzi Abbas and Sabreen A. Hadi

Results of field study was carried out in citrus and fruit orchards in AL- Gherai̕at region/ Baghdad during season 2016 showed the first appearance of peach fruit fly Bactrocera zonata (Saunders) in addition to the presence of Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata according to the results of the pheromone traps. The diagnostic characteristics that were adopted for the diagnose of the peach fruit fly B. zonata, as follows: (a) the presence of a small dark spot near the wing tip, (b)...

Vietnam - India defense cooperation since 2007: reality and prospect
Nguyen Huu Quyet

This paper examines Vietnam-India defense cooperation since the two countries elevated their bilateral relations to the strategic partnership in 2007. The paper gives an insight into the reality of the bilateral defense partnership highlighted by high-level exchange visits, an annual security dialogue, naval port visits, military training and maritime capacity building as well as assistance in maintaining military equipment, and arms transfer. The new height of Vietnam-India partnership is...

Behavior of 3d RC frames with varying proportion of opening in masonry infills subjected to dynamic loading
Jayaramappa, N. and Arunkumar Sagar

Masonry Infills, which generally have high stiffness and strength, play a crucial role in reinforced concrete frame buildings during earthquakes but these are normally considered as non-structural elements and their stiffness contributions are generally ignored in practice, such an approach can lead to an unsafe design. The Masonry infill (MI) though constructed as secondary elements behaves as a constituent part of the structural system and determines the overall behaviour of the structure...

Effect of insecticides on the growth and distribution of soil mycoflora in agriculture fields at Narasannapeta
Shiny Niharika, P., Ratna Kumar, P.K. and Hemanth, G.

The pri Pesticides have become integrated into transport and degradation processes that characterize soil ecosystems. Although, pesticides are anticipated to protect crops, they may affect non-target organisms and pollute soil environment which might result in alteration in the equilibrium of soil processes for shorter or longer periods. Eleven fungal species like Aspergillus flavus, A.niger, A.oryzae, Curvularia lunata, Fusarium oxysporum, F.solani, Penicillium aurentiogriseum, P....

Knowledge and perception of diabetes mellitus management among patients in federal medical centre, Yenagoa Bayelsa state
Ojewale Margaret, Onasoga Yinka, Bitrus Donald, Yusuf Abdur-rashid and Abeki Ruth

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most challenging chronic illnesses these days. Poor knowledge and wrong perception of this disease and its management often results in poor control, severe complications and increased incidence of morbidity and mortality among its sufferers. This descriptive study was to assess knowledge and perception of diabetes mellitus and its management among diabetic patients in Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. Purposive sampling technique was used to...

Investigation and analysis of acceleration and frequency of various electrical motors using lab view signal express 2012
Israr Ullah, Naeem Arbab and Waheed Gul

A variety of analysis is available to highlight the concept of predictive maintenance in industries. Vibration analysis is one of them. It is usually carried out to support the “health” of the machine for the period of persistent process. In this paper, the faulty signals of the Machines were carried out using Lab VIEW Signal Express 2012. The Accelerations and frequencies of two motors were measured. The techniques of vibration analysis, i.e. Acceleration and frequency measurement were...

Pre-clinical evaluation of DCL2016 ointment on superficial burn wound healing in rats
Mahalaxmi Mohan, Joshi Amol, Mohammed Saad and Shishir Pande

Objective: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of DCL2016 ointment on superficial burn wound healing in rats.
Materials and Methods: Animals were divided into five groups. Partial burn wound was inflicted on shaven back of anaesthetized rats by exposing it to hot water (72oC for 12sec). The wounds in the five groups of rats were treated topically with Silver sulfadiazine (SSD) 1%, DCL 2016 ointment with lead, DCL 2016 ointment without Lead, Only Lead and the control group was treated...

Spectrophotometric micro determination of the schiff’s base derived from salicylaldehyde and sulphanilamide (SASN) & Mn(II) using the reaction between hydrogen peroxide and the schiff’s base in the presence of dmf solvent catalysed by Mn(II)
Ramachar, T., Nuzhath Fathima, Umamahesh, M. and Naga Mouli, D.

A simple sensitive precise and accurate method for the spectrophotometric micro determination of both Schiff’s base which is derived from Salicylaldehyde and Sulphanilamide (SASN) and also the catalyst Mn(II) is proposed using the redox reaction between H2O2 and the Schiff’s base in the presence of 10% (v/v) DMF solvent and alkaline buffer solution of pH 10 and at a concentration of 1 x 10-3 H2O2 catalyzed by Mn(II) at a wavelength of 445nm. The method proposed is suitable for the...

A fifteen year review summarizing effects of conventional and organic farming systems on soils, nutrition, environment, economics and yields (1981- 1995)
Jeff Moyer, Kris Nichols and Vijay Bhosekar

The principal assumptions to the proposition that organic agriculture could contribute significantly to the global food supply are, low yields and insufficient quantities of organically acceptable fertilizers. A critical 15 year review on both the issues studied showed that, organic yields were comparable to conventional practices after a transition period (~ 5 years). The review also indicated that global food supply could be grown organically on the current agricultural land base....

Stability of resistance rice varieties on different level of brown planthopper biotypes to determine the standardization rice screening
Baehaki, S.E. and Eko Hari Iswanto

The research was conducted at the screen house of Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR) to screen of 19 accessions by seedbox mass screening method. At 5 days old seedling of all varieties are thinned to remains 20 seedlings per row, then each set treatment infested by 5, 8 and 10 of 2-3 instar nymphs BPH/seedling from each biotypes 1, 2 and 3. The results showed that the seedbox screening method to obtain the stability of the resistance rice varieties to BPH must be infested 2-3 instar...

Hydrocarbon reservoir characterization using well log in halewah oilfield, marib-shabwa basin, Yemen
Albaroot, M., Ahmad A.H.M., Nabil Al-Areeq and Hamdi Aldharab

The purpose of this study was to decipher some petro physical properties of studied wells in Halewah Oilfield, block-5, Marib-Shabwa basin, Yemen. Reservoir characterization of hydrocarbon reservoirs using well logs have been carried out in order to evaluate the field’s hydrocarbon prospectivity, delineate hydrocarbon and water bearing zones and petro physical properties of the Alif reservoir. Alif reservoir is mainly made up of sandstone sediments with bands of shale that contain a...



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