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August 2017

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New-generation Antimalarial drugs
Shaik Munwar and Chilamkuri Harshika

Malaria is a disease that affects nearly 40% of the global population, and chemotherapy remains the mainstay of its control strategy. The global malaria situation is increasingly being exacerbated by the emergence of drug resistance to most of the available antimalarials, necessitating search for novel drugs. A recent rational approach of antimalarial drug design characterized as “covalent bitherapy” involves linking two molecules with individual intrinsic activity into a single agent, thus...

Make in India: opportunity for India and European Union
Uday Pratap Singh

Europe has emerged as an important destination for cross-border investments and overseas acquisitions for Indian companies. Similarly, collaboration in research and innovation has expanded significantly. As economic and development issues become a priority within the Indian government’s foreign policy under Prime Minister Modi, the EU can become a focus area of engagement for India, as was apparent from Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to Europe. He assured investors that ‘India is now a...

Meditation in Indian philosophy
Amit Singh

This article is a about mediation. Meditation is also known as Dhyana. The word Dhyana has been taken from a Sanskrit world Dhi, which means to contemplate, reflect, think or be occupied in thought. Scientifically, mediation is the unification of conscious union (yoga) of an individual soul (jeevalme) with the universal soul (Paramatman). In mediation, we try to make our mind free from all disturbing, distressing and distracting emotions, thoughts and desires. Meditation is an uninterrupted...

Land use changes and their impact in flood zone of Ghaggar River in Ambala District, 2001-2011

The study of basins to attempt to assess the impact to land use change has a long history from last one hundred years. Since the twentieth century, the frequency of global flood disaster has been higher than any time before one of the important reason is land use/land cover change by human activities. The major change in land use the affect hydrology are afforestation and deforestation, the intensification of agriculture, the drainage of wetlands, road construction, and urbanization (De Roo...

Arsenic in groundwater and its health impacts: A case of Ballia District, Uttar Pradesh, India
Abhishek Kumar, Malabika Biswas Roy and Prudhvi Raju, K. N.

Arsenic contamination in groundwater is a global problem and about 70 countries are affected by arsenic problem. Arsenic contamination in groundwater above the permissible limit of 50 µg/L in scattered places reported from seven States, particularly in the Holocene aquifers of Ganga-Brahmaputra alluvium plains are one of the major challenges of groundwater quality hazards before the Country. The consumption of highly contaminated water is reported to disastrous effects on human. The...

Comparative advantage between transport modes by distance in Vietnam
Nguyen Hai Quang

This study aims to determine the comparative advantage between modes of transport by distance in Vietnam. From theoretical background and research modeling, the study analyzed data for a 21-year period from 1995 to 2015. The results of the study show that transport distance is an important factor in choosing the mode of transportation in Vietnam. As to passenger transport, road transport is still the most common mode, followed by air transport, while water and rail transport are becoming...

Bioremediation of wastewater from drain in Burla Town, Odisha, by Vermifiltration
Aliva Patnaik and Dnyanraj Baban Bidkar

The generation and treatment of the wastewater has become an important health issue in the developing countries due to inadequate facilities for treatment (Singh et al., 2015). About 80% of the water supply used by human society comes as municipal wastewater in sewer system as sewage (Sinha et al., 2008). In the present study an attempt has been made to assess the efficacy of vermifiltration of the wastewater collected from the drainage canal of Burla town, Sambalpur. The analysis was...

Evaluation of mechanical properties of CNT reinforced FRP honeycomb core sandwich composites
Mr. Suresh Babu K. S., Mr. Bylappa B. K. and Dr. H. K. Shivanand

Honeycomb panels are widely used in various engineering fields to increase structural stiffness under light weight, or to control vibration & noise. It is also common practice to attach honeycomb bands to original structures, such as aircraft skins, train and car bodies to increase the structural stiffness or to improve the structural dynamics with light addition of weight. This research is concerned with studying the characteristics of Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) reinforced with Fiber-...

Performance evaluation of some manually operated weeders used in jhum cultivation in hill regions of Arunachal Pradesh
Singh, M. U.,

Manual weeding is a labor intensive and time consuming operation in jhum cultivation in hill region of Arunachal Pradesh. However the scarcity of labor during the peak season results in increased of labor wages and delay in weeding operation which ultimately reduced the yield of crop. The present study was undertaken with an objective to evaluate field performance of four different types of manually operated weeders namely wheel hoe with tines, wheel hoe with sweep blade, peg type dry-land...

Research on new ways of decreasing distortion of steel parts during hardening in liquid media
Nikolai Kobasko

In the paper a new direction in decreasing distortion of steel parts during quenching in liquid media is considered. Its essence consists in creation of thin insulating surface layer during quenching in low concentration of inverse solubility polymers. Simplified calculations of initial heat flux densities, to be compared with the first critical heat flux densities, are provided. Condition for absence of local film boiling is discussed. Accelerated cooling process during hardening should be...

Field performance evaluation of tractor drawn tillage implement used in Hilly Regions of Arunachal Pradesh
Singh, M. U.

Selecting a most energy efficient tillage system often require the field performance data of various tillage implements under varying local conditions. Performance and energy input data for many of these tillage implements are not available with farmers of the hill regions of Arunachal Pradesh. Such information will probably guide the farmers to select suitable and energy efficient tillage implements. Keeping the importance of such information in mind, the present study was conducted to...

Assessment and comparison of different materials for alloy wheels using ansys
Anusha, R. and Tara Sasanka, C.

Alloy wheels are automobile wheels which are made from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium metals or sometimes a mixture of both. Alloy wheels differ from normal steel wheels because of their lighter weight, which improves the steering and the speed of the car. Alloy wheels will reduce the unstrung weight of a vehicle compared to one fitted with standard steel wheels. The aim of the project is to suggest a new composite material Magnesium AZ91E-2%Al2O3 to the alloy wheels and evaluate its...

Antiviral chemotherapy
Tanushri Mondal and Jagatpati Tah

Aside for their importance in treating viral diseases, Antiviral drugs make excellent laboratory tools. These can block the functions of specific viral proteins and thus specific stages in viral infection. Antiviral drugs, in conjunction with viral mutations that confer drug resistance, can help to identify the roles of viral proteins and dissect the details of how these proteins do their jobs. Drug resistance mutations can provide selectable markers for engineering interesting mutant...

The full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance and the formation of three zones with various degree of disturbances of clockwise normal flow of electrons and protons during shortage of donators and acceptors
Ambaga, M. and Tumen-Ulzii, A.

By us revealed that during shortage of donators and acceptors have been formed basic three zones because of disturbing of the ATP – making reaction mediums as “Donators + membrane - redox potentials three - state line system + O2 + АDP + Pi + H+ + nH + membrane space = (ATP + heat energy) + H2O + nH + matrix + CO2”. • First zone, where the clockwise normal flow of electrons and protons with duration of 4-5 second of every cycle are remained normally after shortage of...

Icthyofaunal diversity of tenughat reservior at bokaro District Jharkhand, India
Ravi Ranjan and Anjana Verma

Fish is very important part of our aquatic system. Present study was conducted on Tenughat Dam of Bokaro district, Jharkhand during the period of April 2016 to March 2017 and recorded 31 fish species belonging to the five order and eleven Families. Cyprinidae was the most diversified fish family among all the group.Among the 31 fish species 13 are under Cyprinidae,04 species are under Channidae,03 species are under Bagaridae,02 species of each are under Cichlidae, Ambassidae, and...

Traditional oath and ordeal systems of the zeliangrong of North East
Dr. Kamei Budha Kabui

In tribal society of Northeast, when there is lack of enough evidence and witness for deciding a dispute or a village court case, divine guidance is usually sought through oaths and ordeal. The Zeliangrong people too took oath and ordeal as final resort of any dispute. Oath and ordeal are directed by and under the direct supervision of the elders of Pei (village council). The important oath and ordeal forms are biting the tooth of tiger, oath taken on a meteoric stone or paddy seeds or in...

Socio-cultural significance of Gaan-ngai festival
Dr. Th. Mina Devi

Gaan-ngai is the biggest annual festival of the Rongmei who live in the three states of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland. The Gaan-ngai festival commences on 13th day of Manipuri lunar month Wakching and lasts for five days. Worship of God (Tingkao Ragwang) through prayer and sacrifice for bountiful harvest and future prosperity of the community, love and peace among mankind is the main theme of the festival. Living dead of the family are also honoured. The social and cultural values, the...

Environmental social work: An adjunct to environmental Science and Technology
Jasmine Sarah Alexander

Environmental degradation threatens not just the quality, but the very existence of life on earth. The road to an environmentally sustainable future requires an interdisciplinary response that engages both the social and physical sciences (Schmitz et al., 2012). In the article, the author begins by shedding light on the concepts and causes of environmental degradation, thus presenting the complexity of environmental issues and the need for an interdisciplinary approach. In the mission for...

Histopathological effects of dibutyl phthalate on Oreochromis mossambicus Peters, 1852
Lalitha Lavanya, P., Angeline Sugirtha P.V., Rincy Stanley, Mark Michale Teres Queensly Quileen and Samuel Tennyson

Dibutyl phthalate was investigated in the present study for histopathological studies in Oreochromis mossambicus. Fishes were exposed to 0.1% concentration of dibutyl phthalate and examined 96 hours after exposure. Histopathological changes like hypertrophy and hyperplasia, vacuolization in primary gill lamella; periportal inflammation; and vacuolization in renal tubular epithelia was observed in gill, liver and kidney respectively. The findings of the present study served as biomarkers for...

Clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of bodhi vriksha kashaya paan in the management of hyperuricemia
Yogesh Singh Kushawaha, Alok Kumar Srivastava, Swapnil Singhai, Vijeyta Singh and Ravi Shankar Sharma

30 clinically diagnosed patients were randomly categorized into two equal groups. In Group A, Bodhi Vriksha Kashaya was administered orally in a dose of 40 ml twice a day. In Control Group i.e. Group B (Allopurinol) was given in the dose of 100 - 200 mg twice a day after breakfast/meal. Period of study was for 60 days along with a follow up at the interval of 15 days for one month. Assessment was done on symptoms of Hyperuricemia/Vatarakta as subjective parameter and serum uric acid as...

Comparative vibration analysis of segmental baffles with no tubes in window baffles in STHE using Chemcad
Sameer M. Wagh, Divya P. Barai and Megha H. Talwekar

The shell and tube heat exchanger have extensive use in different process industries. Vibration becomes a problem in heat exchangers when the intensity increases to the point that it causes some part of the exchanger to fail mechanically, upsets the process conditions, or creates a condition that endangers those who work in that area. In this paper, the vibration analysis for the shell and tube heat exchanger (STHE) is carried out using CHEMCAD for two major types of baffles used in the...

Intra-operatives incidents and patient safety
Cyanea Ferreira Lima Gebrim, Maressa Noemia Rodrigues Queiroz, Jessica Guimarães Rodrigues, Ludimila Cristina Souza Silva, Marinesia Aparecida Prado Palos, Karina Suzuki, Maria Alves Barbosa and Regiane Aparecida Santos Soares Barreto

The incidents arising from care have been the target of worldwide discussion, reflecting on improving the quality and safety of care, as important indicators. This study aimed to identify the prevalence of incidents in the operating room in a teaching hospital in Central Brazil. This was a retrospective cross-sectional study. Data was collected through analysis of 700 medical records of patients older than 18 years undergoing clean surgeries from 2013 to 2015. We found a prevalence of 6% (n=...

Distillery spent wash and utility of fly ash
Bharat Kumar, Divyanshu Nautiyal, Raghav Virmani and Prashant Singh Rawat

The developing and underdeveloped countries are facing the problem of mounds of fly ash and of untreated discharge of distillery spent wash which creates a serious threat to the environment. So there is a need for low cost treatment method for spent wash while distillery spent wash can be used for irrigation purpose and adsorption can play an effective role in purification of distillery spent wash. This investigation is done to design the treatment method of distillery spent wash using Soil...

Differential toxicity of cadmium on nitrogen metabolism and enzymatic activities in Cajanus cajan L. seedlings
Priyadarshini, B., Muni Kumar, D. and Sujatha, B.

Seedlings of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. Mill.) grown on treated with different cadmium (Cd) concentrations representing 0, 0.02, 0.04 and 0.06 mM were used in three pigeonpea cultivars, LRG30, LRG41 and ICPL85063 on total nitrogen content, nitrate reductase, malate dehydrogenase and glycolate oxidase activities were studied. Results obtained show that the pigeonpea cultivar, LRG30 registered higher values of nitrogen content in response to Cd treatment. The nitrate reductase activity and...

Synthesis of pyrido [2,3-d]pyrimidin-2,4(3h)-dione nucleoside
Laila M. Break

Pyrido[2,3-d](1H,3H)-pyrimidin-2,4-dione2ribosylated with 1-O-acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-benzoyl-D-ribofuranose3 by using the silylation method, afforded anomeric of the benzoylated nucleoside 5. Debenzoylation of compound5 by sodium metal in dry methanol to afford the corresponding free nucleoside6. The structures of the newly synthesis compounds have been confirmed on the basis of elemental analyses, IR, 1HNMR, 13CNMR and Mass spectral data.

Physico-chemical and nutritional evaluation of wheat germ dosa:
Hemavathi, K., Abhilash, H.S., AmudhaSenthil, Veeranna, H. and Sourav Kumar

Popular staple fermented south Indian traditional food, dosa contains 30-40% expensive Black Gram (BG) contributing as protein source also as bacterial carrier, remaining is rice. Wheat Germ (WG), though a low-cost industrial by-product but filled with high quality protein (33%), PER-3, PDCAS 0.9, oil 14-16% (ω-3/6.2, ω-6/55.7), antioxidants like Tocopherols, Glutathione, Polyphenols, non-starch Polysaccharides and Minerals was studied as alternate to BG in the preparation of Dosa. Trials...

Determination of capacity of otoy (Xanthosoma sagitifolium) consumption in juvenile galapagos tortoises (Chelonoidis guntheri and Chelonoidis vicina) bred in captivity on isabela Island – Galapagos
Byron Humberto Puga-Torres, Samantha Michele Morales-Arciniega, Óscar Carvajal-Mora, Silvana Hipatia Santander Parra, Francisco De La Cueva-Jácome and Luis Fabián Núñez Naranjo

Galapagos giant tortoises are in danger of extinction (including 4 of the 15 species are already extinct), so their maintenance and conservation in captivity is of utmost importance for the recovery of their wild populations, among which is fundamental the correct feeding of these chelonians that constitute the animal symbol of the islands and by whom they take its name. At the Tortoise Breeding Center of Puerto Villamil at Isabela Island – Galapagos, the feed is exclusively based on...

Inter-State disparities: A challenge ahead to inclusive growth of India
Mohmmad Rafi, Shugufta Akhter and Kounser Iqbal

Since its independence, Indian states have experienced different degree and pace of economic growth, where some states are forerunner in terms of economic growth and some others languishing at the back. In India, regional disparity has been one of the major concerns before policy makers and planners. There had been a huge gap between active and vibrant regions and hinterland during pre-independence period in terms of accessibility of amenities and this has resulted in the form of unequal...

Comparative evaluation on mechanical properties of jute/bamboo-glass hybrid reinforced polyester composites
Brijesh Gangil and Sandeep Kumar

The man-made fibers (glass, carbon and Kevlar) are widely used as reinforcing material in polymer composites because of high strength to weight ratio and stiffness as compared to conventional materials, i.e. steel, wood and concrete. Beside its primacy to the safety and environmental issues, polymer composites are becoming great contributions to various application areas such as packaging, building construction, automotive parts and electronic industries due to its inherent advantages like...

Characterization and performance of hamdan wastewater treatment plant in Basrah, Iraq
Ammar Salman Dawood, Ahmed Sagban Khudier and Ahmed Naeemah Bashara

Wastewater characterization is a constitutional part of treatment and schemes for city effluent. The aims of this research are to show the characterization and removal efficiencies of Hamadan wastewater treatment plant which is located in the south of Iraq. This study was carried between 2009 and 2010. Hamadan wastewater treatment plant was designed in 1979 and firstly operated on 2005. The assessment of wastewater treatment plant was aspired to demonstrate the characteristics of the...

To estimate the dis-assembly cost and profit / loss occur when of adamaged cars/ auto vehicle components are dumped or reuse after remanufacturing /or not. (waste management philosophy)
Mohammad TariqueJamali

Cost analysis is very important for any development of the new methodology if this is profitable we adopt it. Therefore in this study we estimate the dis-assembly cost for damaged car/ auto vehicles/ old car and find out the profit or loss occur. Here we set all the cost in random variable and found the profit because in bigger city the capital cost is more. We face a lot of problem to staying old /damaged car/auto-vehicle in every big city at warehouses. Therefore cleanliness of ware houses...

Repair of wounds in rats: gel with the green peel of Musa sapientum 10%
Dênia Amélia Novato Castelli Von Atzingen, Afonso Esteves Penazzo, Julio Henrique Muzetti, Thaisa Souza Rezende, Edgar Loureiro Laborne de Mendonça, Guilherme Silveira Castro, Vinicius Alves Alvarenga, Marcos Mesquita Filho and Adriana Rodrigues dos Anjos Mendonça

In the world, it is estimated that the appearance of chronic wounds has increased and it is known that the bark of the green banana induces cellular proliferation, enhancing the healing of the skin. Objective: To evaluate the curative action of banana peel (Musa sapientum) at a concentration of 10% in the surgical wound of rats. Methods: Sixty adult male rats (Rattus norvegicus, variant albinus, wistar) were used. The animals were divided in two experimental groups: control group, using gel...

Major drivers and consequences of deforestation in Ethiopia: Implications for forest conservation
Haileab Zegeye

This review highlights the major drivers and consequences of deforestation in Ethiopia and the forest conservation options. Ethiopia possesses diverse forest resources, which is attributed to its topographic, edaphic and climatic diversity. The forest resources have immense environmental and socio-economic values and thereby play a great role in the sustainable development of the country. However, the forest resources of Ethiopia are dwindling at an alarming rate due to natural and more...

A comparative study of moisture sorption on hICELTMSMCC, HICELTMMCC and physical blend of HICELTMMCC and colloidal silicon dioxide, formulation and evaluation of dispersible tablet of acetyl salicylic acid
Monika Tomar, Amit Raj Sinha and Ajay Kumar Singh

Moisture content is a critical parameter for manufacturing oral solid dosage forms. It should be maintained as per requirement moisture content beyond the limits of less than 4% or higher than 5.5% affect tablet properties i.e. hardness, friability and disintegration time. In this article, we will done comparative study of moisture sorption on HiCelTM MCC 90M (Microcrystalline cellulose), HiCelTMSMCC 90M (Silicified Microcrystalline cellulose) and physical blend of HiCelTMMCC 90M(...

Applying the life cycle analysis in the construction of social housing in Cameroon: The case of single-storey houses at the sic residential area in Olembe (Yaoundé)
Aimé Elime Bouboama, Mamba Mpele and Ngouadjio Alain Claude

This study proposes an analysis approach of the life-cycle of two types of social housing of « T4 single-storey houses ». This is to determine which phase of the life-cycle calls for special attention in the process of reducing the impact of this sector on the environment. In order to successfully carry out this task, we first carried out a general review of the LCA as a decision-making guidingn tool. Then, we alluded to social housing projects in Cameroon as the implementation framework of...

Beyond their domestic chores: Adventures of women in the polity of Kashmir
Mehraj Ud Din and Qazi Shaheen

The society of Kashmir during ancient period was patriarchal in nature. In this social setup, men and women were situated not only differently but also unequally. Specifically, women got less of the material resources, social status, power and opportunities for self- actualization than do men who shared their location- be it a location based on class, race, religion, etc. One of the major causes that resulted in such inequality between men and women was the organization of society based on...

Wavelet analysis of air pollution due to ground level nitrogen dioxide
Dr. Anil Kumar

Nitrogen dioxide comes from vehicles, power plants, industrial emissions and off-road sources such as construction, lawn and gardening equipment. All of these sources burn fossil fuels. Unlike ozone and particle pollution, which can be of concern over large regions, NO2 levels are appreciably higher in close proximity to pollution sources. Health effects associated with NO2 are much less likely farther away from these pollution sources. Scientific evidence links short-term NO2 exposures,...

Monitoring of land use/ land cover change using GIS and remote sensing techniques: A case study of Sagar River Watershed, Tributary of Wainganga River of Madhya Pradesh, India
Dr. Lokesh Shrivastava and Shashikant Nag

Study area Sagar River Watershed is a located in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh, India. The total geographical area of 427.89 sq. km. is covered by Sagar River Watershed. The area is bounded by 22o8’2” N to 22o22’37’ N latitude and 79o34’32” E to 79o56’29” E longitude. Result are drawn on status and extent of Changes in Sagar River Watershed, Land use / Land cover maps was prepared using remote sensing data. The Land use / Land Cover map was...

Types of attacks in wireless sensor networks: A review
K. Chidananda and Dr. K.N. Shreenath

Now-a-days, security is a major concern in every sector. The Wireless Sensor Network is also facing many security problems due to processing power, storage resource, bandwidth and communication ability to expose inside activity and possible attacks. These problems raise serious concerns and points toward necessity to find suitable techniques to provide security to the network. This paper presents various types of attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks.

RFID based electrical supervisor
Lalit Pandit Bari, Vijay D. Chaudhari and Dr. H. T. Ingale

In this Paper a new kind of system is proposed to make an RFID Based Electrical Supervisor This technology implemented successfully in all over the world. But in our area it is not so improve. So using this technology here we made an attempt to implement RFID based electrical supervisor. In this project, we are using RFID technology for monitor and control electricity used in one room of hotels, companies through RFID transmitter, receiver and Microcontroller. The use of RFID technology is a...

Screening of molluscicidal potential of indigenous medicinal plants Terminalia arjuna and Tamarindus indica against fasciolosis vector: Lymnaea acuminate
Neelam Soni and Vinay Kumar Singh

Snail control is one of the important tools to reduce the incident of fasciolosis. To attain this objective the present study undertaken to evaluate the molluscicidal potential of Terminalia arjuna bark and Tamarindus indica seed. The toxicity of both of plants were time and concentration-dependent. The toxicity of T. indica seed (12.00 mg/l) was more pronounced than that of T. arjuna bark (57.47 mg/l). Ethanol extract of both plants were more effective than other organic solvent extract....

Economic burden of water borne diseases in North Kashmir-A Tehsil level analysis of sopore-J&K, India
Manzoor A. Wani, Bashir A. Lone, Sheraz A. Lone and Ishtiaq A. Mayer

The present study was carried out to find the impact of waterborne diseases on the economy of people residing in Sopore Tehsil of north Kashmir where water quality of different drinking water sources has deterioratedand found not fit for human consumption especially in rural areas where drinking water has been supplied through untreated sources (PHE, Sopore). In a sample of 500 households covering 3185 persons about 32.90 percent were suffering from waterborne diseases like Diarrhea,...

Properties of defect modes composed of metamaterials
Pandey, J. P.

The two important material parameters, electrical permittivity and magnetic permeability determine the optical properties of the materials. Together, the permittivity ε and permeability μ determine the response of the material to the electromagnetic radiation. Photonic crystals are artificial materials having periodic modulation in dielectric constant whose Bragg gap is highly sensitive to the lattice constant, incident angle and polarization of the incident light. The properties of photonic...

The teaching of electricity in the k-12 program in Batangas National High school
Dr. Nerrie E. Malaluan and Mr. Marlon D. Malaluan

This research aimed to assess the teaching of Electricity in the K-12 program in Batangas National High School. The study included the assessment on the status of teaching Electricity as to objectives, contents, methodologies and assessment tools. The extent of manifestation of teachers’ skills and competencies were also determined. Moreover, the issues and concerns encountered relative to meeting quality instruction were also considered. The researchers proposed measures that would...

Serum vitamin d in patients of HIV/AIDS & its coorelation with CD4 count& art treatment
Dr. Nabeel Mushtaque Ahmed, Zaheer, M.S. Dr. Siddiqui, S.S. and Dr. Aiman Fatima

Vitamin D is important for cell growth, immunity, and metabolism. Vitamin D deficiency has classically been associated with rickets and decreased bone density and more recently with increased risk and severity of autoimmune diseases, cancers, myocardial infarction, diabetes, and infectious diseases. The active form of vitamin D (vitamin D3) has been implicated recently in an intracellular process known as autophagy. HIV-1 reduces autophagy during permissive infection and that agents that...

Free fatty levels and distribution in sediments of Nigeria Rivers
Akinnifesi, T.A., Asubiojo, F.O., Ogunfowokan, A.O., Okonkwo, O.J., Oladoja, N. A. and Ololade, I.A.

The species of free fatty acids (FFAs) in the sediments of some important rivers of South-Western Nigeria were analysed to provide baseline data / information for their levels in Nigeria river sediments. The standard methods based on lipid extraction, isolation and methylation of the free fatty acids were modified and Gas chromatograph based on flame ionization detector was used for quantitative analysis of the complex mixtures of the free fatty acids. The results reveals that palmitic acid...

Water quality assessment of groundwater samples in Bobbili Region, Andhrapadesh, India
Sathish Mohan, B., Jagadeesh Babu, M., Jhansi Rani, S. and SatyaSree, G.

Water being an excellent solvent tends to dissolve the minerals in the geological system.The importance of the hydrochemical analysis underlies the fact that the chemistry of the ground water can directly be rated with the source of water, climate, and geology of the region. In this paper chemical analysis of the ground water has been carried out for Bobbili region in Andhra pradesh. There are eleven water quality variables (SO42-,Cl, Na+, K+, HCO3-, Mg2+, Ca2+, NO3-, TH, and pH),electrical...

The efficacy of a phyto-synthetic drug of coccidia as evidenced from oocysts counts and histopathology
Goselle, O.N., Adulugba, I. A., Ajayi, O.O., Lawam, S.B., Jwanse, R.I. and Ike, M.E.

Cocccidiosisis a disease of economic importance in poultry industry causing morbidity and mortality and thereby leading to high annual economic loss to poultry farmers. In this study, graded concentrations of garlic powder (GP) was combined with some synthetic drugs and evaluated for their anticoccidial activities and the Histopathological effects of the various treatments in the caecum. Also, to know the concentration of garlic and amprolium that best mitigates the effects of the disease....



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM