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April 2016

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Radiation effects on MHD boundary layer flow of a nanofluid past an exponential permiable stretching sheet embedded in...
Lavanya, M., Dr. Sreedhar Babu, M., Venkata Ramanaiah, G. and Dr. Suneetha, S.

In the present paper, an attempt is made to discuss the heat and mass transfer effects on a laminar, two dimensional, steady/unsteady, free/mixed convection flow of an incompressible electrically conducting and radiating viscous fluid (or nanofluid) past a linear/non-linear stretching sheet / stretching cylinder bounded by a porous (or non-porous) medium, in the presence of various effects such as MHD, chemical reaction, viscous dissipation, thermophoresis, Brownian motion, thermally...

New type of connectedness in ideal topological spaces
Arockiarani, I. and Selvi, A.

In this paper we generalize the concept of I_π-connectedness in ideal topological spaces. Further the relationship of other related classes of connected spaces are investigated.

Call drop factors and possible solutions
Aparna Singh and Richa Pandey

Of the numerous performance metrics applied to cellular telephone systems, probably none is more important for customer satisfaction than the system drop call rate. Customers are more sensitive to call dropping than to call blocking at initiation. Proper system design and operation involve keeping the drop call rate as low as possible. Today a number of mobile subscribers are grappling with the issue of frequent call disconnections or ‘call drop ‘ Dropped call is the common term...

Effect of human resource management practices on academic employees’ work outcomes in dire Dawa University: Taking...
Aschalew Mulugeta and Wubishet Mengesha

The main objective of this study was to investigate the association of employee perceptions of important HR practices on their evaluations of Perceived Organizational Support which would have further effect on their work out comes in Dire Dawa University. The populations of this study were academic staff from institute of technology, school of business and economics, school of social science, school of natural science, school of Medicine and school of law which were a total number of 276...

Optimization of end milling process parameters for minimization of surface roughness of AISI p20 steel
Wasim Khan and Niyati Raut

Main purpose of this research to investigate the effect of the main factors of the surface roughness in AISI P20 Steel end milling. The results of the research could be applied in the manufacture of automotive components and mold industries. This study was conducted by using CNC end milling machine with 8 mm diameters fine type carbide tool with twin cutting tip. The controlled factors were the speed, the feed rate and the depth of cut. For this experiment, we used Taguchi design with L16...

Phytoremediation of water bodies using selected aquatic macrophytes- Eicchornia crassipes (Mart.) solms and Pistia...
Anu Rose Varghese and Liza Jacob

The present work was aimed to study the phytoremediation of water bodies using Eicchornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms and Pistia stratiotes, L. The water was analysed before and after the introduction of the plants. The amount of sulphate, nitrite, chloride and carbon dioxide was found to be lesser in the water treated with Eicchornia crassipes and Pistia stratiotes compared to untreated water.

Analysis of friction stir welding process for 304l stainless steel
Swapnil J. More and Niyati Raut

This paper focusses on Friction stir welding (FSW) invented by Wayne Thomas in The Welding Institute (TWI) at London in 1991. Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid state joining process which means joining of metal plates without reaching the melting point of the material to be welded. FSW uses a non-consumable rotating tool which is plunged into workpiece material due to which heat is generated between tool shoulder and workpiece surface which results in plastic deformation of material to...

Overview of the potentials of forestry and sustainable environment in reducing poverty in Nigeria
Pius Akindele Adeniyi

This paper examines the potentials of forestry and sustainable environment in reducing poverty among the people in Nigeria. Forestry and sustainable environment are described as critical sectors of the economy whose prospects are tied to the management and quality of renewable natural resources, particularly arable land, forest, water and biodiversity. Poverty reduction is briefly explained as collective responsibility of all and sundry to fight all avoidable forms of deprivation and this...

First report of leaf spot (Alternaria alternata) on Swertia chirayita – A critically endangered medicinal plant of sub-...
Baskey, S., Bandan Thapa, Roy, K., Ali, S., Sharma, B.R. and Hembrom, S.

Swertia chirayita (Roxb.ex Flem.) Kart (Family: Gentianaceae), is a high value endangered medicinal plant used in traditional therapies. The species is distributed in temperate Himalayas at an altitude of 1200-1500 m amsl. The dried herbage is the source of raw drug. The species is valued for its bitter principles as hepatic stimulant, blood purifier, tonic etc. The bitterness, antihelmintic, hypoglycemic and antipyretic properties are attributed to amarogentin, swerchirin, swertiamarin and...

The effect of SMS (short message service) on language proficiency of the public high School of Misamis Oriental,...
Breezy R. Abroguena

The main purpose of the study was to determine the effect of SMS (Short Message Service) on language proficiency of the Public High School Students in Misamis Oriental. Likewise, it sought to answer the following aspects of the main problem as sms language is affected by the profile of the respondents and their language proficiency skills. Analysis also includes the implications of the results toward a significant study on both sms (short message service) and language proficiency. The...

Seasonal metabolic variation of lipid content in freshwater bivalve Lamellidens marginalis (Lamarck, 1819)
Padewar, S.K.

Lipid is a water-insoluble biomolecule .Lipid has a high solubility in nonpolar organic solvents such as chloroform. The simplest lipids are the fats .The term fats is also used as a general synonym for lipids, so the more precise terms triacylglycerols or triglycerides are preferable for the simplest lipids. Triacylglycerols are used primarily for energy storage in animals. More complex lipids are phospholipids, glycolipids, and cholesterol, are the major constituents of biological cell...

Seasonal metabolic variation of lipid content in freshwater bivalve Lamellidens corrianus (Lea, 1834)
Padewar, S.K.

Lipid is a water-insoluble biomolecule which has a high solubility in nonpolar organic solvents such as chloroform. The simplest lipids are the fats .The term fats is also used as a general synonym for lipids, so the more precise terms triacylglycerols or triglycerides are preferable for the simplest lipids. Triacylglycerols are used primarily for energy storage in animals. More complex lipids are phospholipids, glycolipids, and cholesterol, are the major constituents of biological cell...

Scales morphometry and population parameters of Diplodus vulgaris (Geoffroy _ Hilaire, 1817) in Benghazi Coast, Libya
Anwaar M. Saeid, Abdalla N. Elawad and Ramadan A. S. Ali

Due to the economic importance of Diplodus vulgaris in Benghazi coast (Libya), this study is concerned to estimate the biological and population parameters required for proposing a future plan to sustain and manage this valuable fish resource. Age estimates ranged between 1+ and 8+ in both methods scale and length frequency distribution methods. The parameters of Von Bertalanffy growth model were estimated for male, female and both sex as L∞ = 37.4 cm, 39.3cm, 33.3 cm, K = 0.17, 0.199...

Mitochondrial DNA marker-based identification and genetic diversity of rabbitfish (Siganus spp)
MeiskeSofie SALAKI, Mohamad Fadjar, Anik Martina Hariati, Diana Arfiati

This study was aimed at determining the identity and the genetic diversity of rabbitfish based upon mtDNAmolecular marker. Rabbitfish specimens were collected from Bahu waters (n=17), Manado Bay. DNA was extracted using 10% chelexsolution. FF2d andFR1d primer pairs were used for CO1 gene fragment amplification. PCR applied 30 cycles, and the output was sequenced, blasted, and analyzed using various softwares to achieve the objectives. Results found a total of 8 species,Siganusargenteus, S....

Technical efficiency of rice farms in cooperatives in mekong delta of Vietnam
Le Truc Linh, Pai Po Lee and Ke Chung Peng

Agricultural cooperatives and rice farmings are now key concerns in development of Vietnam’s agriculture. This study was carried out to determine factors affecting the technical efficiency of rice producers in agricultural cooperatives in Tra Vinh and Dong Thap province, using a stochastic frontier production function. The results indicated that the mean level of technical efficiency was 0.81, ranging from 0.61 to 0.97. The mean technical efficiency score could be increased by 0.19...

Effect of integrated nutrient management on growth, yield, quality and nutrient uptake in tomato
Avhad, A.B., Kshirsagar, D.B., Shinde, S.R. and Bhalekar, M.N.

A field experiment was conducted during rabi season of 2013-14 at Tomato Improvement Scheme, Department of Horticulture MPKV., Rahuri to determine the influence of organic and inorganic fertilizers on growth yield and quality parameters of tomato hybrid Phule Raja. Results revealed that there was significant influence of combined use of organic and inorganic fertilizers on growth parameters, and yield contributing characters and nutrient uptake. The application of T3 (GRDF 300: 150:150 kg...

Survey of aquatic beetles with some new records from the hazara Pukhuri, Sonitpur, Assam, North East India
Rabindra Hazarika and Mrigendra Mohan Goswmai

The present paper is based on a preliminary survey of aquatic beetles in a manmade aquatic ecosystem‘HazaraPukhuri’, a large perennial pond in Sonitpur district, Assam, India. The survey carried out during 2014-2015could contribute altogether 18species of aquatic beetles belonging to 13 genera and only 4 families, viz-Dytiscidae, Hydrophilidae, Noteridae and Gyrinidae. Family Dytiscidaere presents the highest number of 9 species under 4 subfamilies. Habitat heterogeneity in terms...

Ionic composition of ibrahimpatnam lake, R.R.District, Telangana, India
Rama Devi, A. and Mary Esther Cynthia Johnson

Ibrahimpatnam Lake which is a fresh water Lake , was taken up for ecological investigation over a span of one year April 2014 – March 2015. According to the Hydrogen ion composition , the waters of, Ibrahimpatnam Lake were alkaline with a pH of 7.5 .The cations CO3— were 27.8 mg/l HCO3- were 219.4 mg/l and Cl- were 230.28 mg/l . The anion pH and the cation Cl- were within the permissible limits given by BIS(1983), WHO(1984) & ICMR(1975). Based on the Relative Proportion of...

Design & analysis of the pressure vessel manhole nozzle metallic flangeguard as per ASME SEC VIII Div. 1, Edition...
Parag Vikas Nikam and Niyati Raut

The main area of focus is to design by analyze which is a powerful software technology for simulating physical behavior on the computer, because design by analysis can minimize or even eliminate the need for physical prototyping and testing. Manhole is used in pressure vessels, tanks etc for the frequent interaction between personnel inside the pressure vessel. In most industries maintenance work of the pressure vessels, tanks & piping elements is carried during the shut-off conditions...

Therapeutic management of pre-partum vaginal prolapse in a jersey crossbred cow (Bostaurus)
Deka, K.C., Barua, P.M., Ahmed, K., Dutta Choudhury, M., Nath, M. and Sarma, D.K.

One 8 months pregnant Jr x cow, approximately 300 kg body weight was brought by a farmer of Khanapara area with occurrence of prepartum prolapse. On examination, the vagina was found everted out with irregular tenesmus exhibited by the cow. The exposed part was enlarged, reddish pink and lacerated. Following epidural anaesthesia (Lox 2% @ 6ml Intra-coccegeally) the organ was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with acriflavin solution (1:1000). Urinary bladder was evacuated using urinary...

Digital resources by research scholars of Srividyamandir Arts & Science College Uthangarai – A Case study
Dr. P. Gomathi and Thenmozhi, G.

This paper is an attempt to study the issues like use of electronic information resources. Its impact on the collection e-Journals, its awareness among the user are accessing these where the users are accessing these e-resources. A survey was conducted in Sri VidyaMandir Arts & Science College Research Scholars were selected and there were selected and their response was obtained with the help of a questionnaire. The findings show that users from all these categories were using digital...

Neuromuscular and low frequency ultrasound treatment in chronic and subacute neck pain
Rosa Grazia Bellomo, Giovanni Barassi, Christianpasquale Visciano, Giacomo Melle, Piera Attilia Di Felice, Alexandra Di Stefano and Raoul...

Neck pain is a major cause of reduced quality of life and a serious public health problem because of its high prevalence and its costs in terms of health care. Specific conservative treatments, both for subacute and chronic phases, include patient education, stretching exercises, pharmacological therapies, intra-articular injections, ultrasound therapy, myofascial manual therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture and ischemic compression. Aim of this study is to assess the effect of treatment with...

Future perspectives in cardiac allograft vasculopathy
Cottini, M., Dominici, T., Sbaraglia, F., Pergolini, A., Di Stefano, G., Polizzi, V., Feccia, M., Buffa, V., Lilla Della Monica, P. and...

Background: Coronary allograft vasculopathy (CAV) limits long-term survival after heart transplantation, and screening for CAV is generally performed on an annual or biannual basis. It is usually detected by conventional coronary angiography (CCA). Coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) is currently not recommended for CAV screening due to the limited accuracy reported by early studies. Technological advances such as 64-slice dual-source CCTA might justify re-evaluation of this...

Predicted and realized genetic gain for yield and its related traits in common wheat (Triticum aestivum l.)
Tejbir Singh

The predicted response (as per cent mean of checks) due to first cycle of selection for grain yield revealed the superiority of sib-mating over selfing in cross I as well as in cross II. The predicted response to selection for grain yield was manifold higher in sib populations than in the respective F3 populations. The magnitude of predicted correlated responses (ignoring the sign) for all characters except tiller number in cross I and days to heading in cross II were also relatively high in...

Determination and distribution of the tick species collected from infested cattle in Sivas, Turkey
Kadir Kalkan, Semra Özçelik and Necati Özpınar

In our country, the diseases caused by some factors that are carried by ticks are more common among people in recent years. On the other hand, tick-borne protozoan diseases of domestic animals such as theileriosis, babesiosis constitute major health problems and the medical importance of the tick increased due to both cases. In this study, we aimed to determine the main tick species that particularly we found in the cattle in our region. The ticks, which were collected from 250 cattle raised...

Effects of cocoa and coffee pods husks composts combined with NPK fertilizer on the growth of immature cocoa trees (...
Ayi Koffi ADDEN, Kouami KOKOU and Gbénonchi MAWUSSI

The fertility declining in tropical soils is a crucial problem for farmers, also agricultural practices aren’t favourable for nutriments exported return back in soil, especially in cocoa production lands in Togo. A composting trial of cocoa pods husks and coffee pods husks (CKKO and CKF) with manure (4:1) then a field experiment were carried out in order to elucidate the effects of these composts combined with fertilizer NPK15-15-15 on the immature cocoa trees and the soil chemical...

Diffuse idiopathic sclerotic hyperostosis’ – Dish
Pentyala Suneetha, Lattupalli Hema and Madala Venkateswara Rao

Background: Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) also known as Forestier's disease, senile ankylosing spondylosis, and ankylosing hyperostosis, is a non-inflammatory spondyloarthropathy of the spine. It is characterized by spiny ankylosis and enthesopathy (ossification of the ligaments and entheses). It most commonly affects the thoracic and thoraco-lumbar spine, but involvement is variable and can include the entire spine. Objective: This ia a rare disorder that made us to...

First record of Psyttalia concolor (Szépligeti) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) as a parasitoid of the Ceratitis capitata (...
Samira A. Khlaywi, Abdul-Rassoul, M. S. and AL-Taweel, A.A.

In this study, Psyttalia (=Opius) concolor (Szépligeti) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) is recorded for the first time as a parasitoid on the larvae of the Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Wassit Province, Iraq.

Removal of dimethylsulphide in a bench-scale biofilter: Some analytical solutions
Kirthiga, M. and Rajendran, L.

A mathematical model describing the biofiltration of dimethyle sulphide (DMS) in a bench-scale biofilter is discussed. This model contains the diffusion of the compounds through the biofilm and degradation of the compound along the biofilter column. The model proposed here is based on the mass transfer in gas-biofilm interface and chemical oxidation in the gas phase. Analytical expressions pertaining to the dimethyl sulphide concentration in the gas phase and bio-film phase have been derived...

Screening of tolerant and susceptible bread wheat (Triticum aestivum l.) accessions to water stress under field...
Afef OTHMANI, Sourour AYED, Mohamed MOSBAHI, Hajer AMARA and Mohsen BOUBAKER

A field experiment, in a split-split plot design with three replications, was conducted, during 2009/2010 growing season in semi arid region Mogran belongs Zaghouan governorate, to evaluate the response of eleven bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes under four water stress treatments (T0: rainfall, T1: rainfall + 10 mm, T2: rainfall + 20 mm, T3: rainfall + 30 mm applied at each stage). The evaluation was based on eight agro-morphological traits: flag leaf area (FLA), plant height (PH...

Main parameters affecting promotion of laryngeal and oral cavity cancers: A study for the formulation of a pratical...
Menicagli, R., Duca, M. and Arizzi, C.

Introduction and Objectives: A recent study in laringectomizzati patients, showed that other parameters, in addition to smoking and HPV, such as autoimmune diseases, sex, lifestyle, can be considered important risk factors to activate the process of carcinogenesis of the oral cavity and laryngeal .This study assigns each individual risk factor score, and identifies the theoretical threshold, beyond which we must implement a monitoring in detecting and removing those factors and symptoms that...

Role of bioinoculants in the biodegradation of lingo-cellulosic waste (bagasse)
Maya M. Jaybhaye and Satish A. Bhalerao

Lignocellulose, the major component of biomass, makes up about half of the matter produced by photosynthesis. It consists of three types of polymers- cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin that are strongly intermeshed; therefore their recycling is indispensable for the carbon cycle. Each polymer degraded by a variety of microorganisms which produce a number of enzymes that work on the waste material. For the present research work agro-industrial waste such as bagasse were selected this was...

Managing technology in quantum age
Nirmal Kundu, Chandan Bhar and Visvesvaran Pandurangan

Technology is changing at a very fast pace and quantum of changes, many of the times, overtakes imagination. Science and Technology are getting redefined and the Quantum theory has totally shaken the age old belief of Newtonian mechanics. As Science is progressing and technology is closely following science, managing technology in this Quantum age has become far more difficult. In this article, an attempt has been made to focus on the issues of Quantum age and argue why a radical change in...



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