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March 2016

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Comparative studies of bulk and surface composition of oxidized zinc ore samples from an Iranian lead and Zinc mine
Seyed Hamid Hosseini, Mehran Gholinejad and Mohammad Taji

Studies of surface and bulk chemical properties of minerals can aid in understanding the mechanism of collector attachment and also the behavior of the oxide minerals during flotation process. In this paper, the surface and bulk properties of oxidized zinc ore samples were examined by means of X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) or Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) andenergy-dispersive X-Ray analysis (EDX).Three size fractions,-250+200µm;-200+150µm and-150...

Effective removal of hazardous carboxylic acids by novel low cost adsorbents
Sameem, M.S., Siva, S. and Sayee Kannan, R.

Powdered (PTCRC) and Sulphonated Terminalia Chebula Retz carbon (STCRC) and Powdered (PMPC) and Sulphonated Mimosa pudica carbon (SMPC) adsorbents has been prepared and applied to the removal of environmental polluting carboxylic acids like formic acid, acetic acid and trichloroacetic acid. The adsorption characteristics have been investigated with the help of the various parameters like effect of initial concentration, contact time, dose of adsorbent and particle size. The adsorption...

Contextualized examination of stakeholder commitment to projects
Sudi Nangoli, Sophia Namiyingo, Isaac Magoola, Yunia Musasizi, Jaaza Mahmood and Grace Nalweyiso

This study examines the level of stakeholder commitment in selected health projects in Uganda. The stakeholders captioned were the community representatives and the end users (beneficiaries) who were either taking part or had ever taken part in the selected projects. This study adopted a cross sectional quantitative research design. It used descriptive statistics Data was collected from 123 respondents. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics including frequencies,...

Ethnobotanical survey of antimalarial plants of Odisha, India
Pattanayak, B., Dhal, N.K. and Sagarika Parida

Malaria is one of the most common major health problems all over the world. In developing countries, where malaria is endemic, depend strongly on traditional medicine as a source for inexpensive treatment of this disease. It is important that antimalarial medicinal plants are investigated, in order to establish their efficacy and to determine their potential as sources of new antimalarial drugs. In this study, we evaluated the claimed antimalarial properties of eighty nine plants used in...

The disaster management plan: Put to the test by the accident
Duncan D. Mugalaa and Mayaba Maimbob

Chingola sits at the intersection of the routes that lead to the new mining areas: The T3 to Chililabombwe the T5 to Solwezi and the T4 from Kitwe. These roads have, become very busy. The result is that road traffic accidents on these roads have become common place, thus a mass casualty incident is in waiting at all times. On 6th October 2007, two fully loaded mini buses coming from Kitwe going to Chingola and Chililabombwe respectively got involved with three heavy duty trucks. All the...

Pattern of analgesic utilization in immediate post-operative period and as a part of conservative management with...
Samina Farhat, Shagufta Parveen, Mariya Qureishi, Yakzata Bashir, Saba Latief, Misbah Jabeen and Manal Lateef

Objective: The primary aim of this study was to find out the pattern of different analgesics used in patients admitted in various surgical departments in a tertiary care hospital who were either operated upon or managed conservatively. The concomitant utilization of antiulcer and antiemetic drugs and the relationship between the type of management and the type of anesthesia used with the need for antiemetic utilization were also looked into as secondary objectives. Material and Methods: This...

Investigation of new cooling paints actuated on hot days without electrical energy and labors
Meiko Kadokura, Hisashi Honda, Hayato Sasaki, Rokuro Fujita, Aki Tosaka, Kanako Sekimoto, Yukiumi Kita, and Hideyuki Tukada

I New cooling paints were developed by exploiting the vaporization heat of water. These systems were constructed with N-isopropylacrylamide (NIPAAm) and butyl acrylate (BA). The homopolymer of NIPAAm is insoluble in water above ca. 32°C (hydrophobic), whereas it dissolves in water below the stated temperature (hydrophilic); therefore, application of the temperature responsive polymer on the outside of a house is difficult on cool and rainy days. By copolymerization of NIPAAm with a...

Physico-chemical parameters of pulses affecting the bruchid (Callosobruchus chinensis Linn.) infestation
Chakraborty, S. and Mondal, P.

Members of the family Bruchidae (Coleoptera) are important pests of a variety of seed material. The adults oviposit on stored seeds or on developing seedpods in the field. The larval and in most species, the pupal stages are completed within the seed and the adult eventually emerges through a small exit hole. Due to this mode of development bruchids are easily transported along with the seed material from one country to another thus spread very quickly. Forty-eight species of bruchids have...

Knowledge and awareness regarding breast cancer among the female students of selected P. U colleges
Namrata Devulkar and Uma Kole

Breast cancer was considered to be one amongst the most commonly cancer disease in the world. Now it is considered to be the second cancer disease among women in India, with most of the affected population is in the urban areas. Breast cancer is seen mostly after the age of 40 years. Materials and Methods: The study was a descriptive study to evaluate effectiveness of planned teaching programme on knowledge and awareness regarding breast cancer among 60 female students of selected P. U...

Cephalopod fisheries management and sustainable developpement in Morocco: A bayesien networks approach
Abdeslam Boudhar, Bouikhalene Belaid and Aomar Ibourk

The Bayesian networks approach is one of the main decision-making support systems (DMSS). For some applications, the Bayesian networks are preferable to other models (neural networks, multi-agent models, optimization models, macro-econometric models....). Moreover, the Bayesian networks are often used in conjunction with other decision-making support models. The number and the fields of applications of Bayesian networks are still limited. However, the Bayesian networks approach is very...

Sonographic axial length of the eye in healthy Nigeriansat the jos University teaching hospital
Salaam, A. J., Aboje, O. A.,Danjem, S. M.,Igoh, E. O., Salaam, A. A., Aiyekomogbon, J. O. and Kolade-Yunusa, H. O.

Introduction: Ultrasonography of the eyeball has become very important as a diagnostic tool in ophthalmology practice, because it is a rapid, safe and atraumatic method of examination. The Axial Length (AL) is the distance from the corneal surface to the retinal pigment epithelium/Bruch’s membrane. Method: The study was a retrospective analysis of all the normal ocular ultrasound scan at the Jos University Teaching Hospital. A 10 MHz linear transducer of the LOGIC 5, GE ultrasound...

Higher secondary students awareness on climate change In Nadia district
Dr. Mridula Das and Rabindra Nath Pandit

Climate change is the change of surface temperature, precipitation patterns winds, ocean currents and other measures of earth’s climate. We observed over the one to two centuries some phenomenon of earth global surface temperature rising, global sea level rising, snow cover decreasing etc. Both natural and anthropogenic causes are the responsible for this changes. Natural causes are continental drift, Galactic variation, orbital variations, obliquity, Eccentricity, Precession, sun spot...

Sensitivity of Trichogramma japonicum (ashmead) to different insecticides
Bhargavi, M.

The present investigations were undertaken on laboratory studies of Trichogramma japonicum (Ashmead) during the year 2013-2014 in the Bio-control laboratory, Department of Agricultural Entomology, College of Agriculture, Dapoli (Maharashtra).The results of effect of different insecticides on parasitisation potential of T. japonicum revealed that insecticides viz., oxydemeton methyl and cypermethrin could be used safely before T. japonicum release in the field. Further, insecticides viz.,...

Impact de la riziculture traditionnelle sur la fertilité du sol: incidence de l’association riz (Oryza sativa l.) –...
Bahan, F., Kassin, K., Koné, B., Johnson, J.M., Gbakatchétché, H., Bouët, A., Kéli, Z., Yao-Kouamé, A. and Et Camara, M.

Impact of traditional rice cultivation on soil fertility: Incidence of riz (Oryza sativa L.) - maize (Zea mays L.) cropping on some physical properties of ferralsol in the Middle West of Côte d’Ivoire. Rice-maize intercropping is a common practice in traditional rice production system. In order to know the impact of this farming method on soil fertility, an experiment was conducted on a ferralsol of semi-deciduous zone of the Middle West of Côte d’Ivoire. Experimental device is a...

Graphene and its applications: A survey
Navnath Baban Belote and Sneha Revankar

It is not surprising because, at the time when the Silicon based technology is approaching its fundamental limits, any new candidate material to take over from Silicon is welcome, and graphene seems to offer an exceptional choice (Geim and Novoselov, 2007). Graphene’s potential for electronics is generally justified by citing high mobility and conductance of its charge carriers. Graphene has attracted attention as a high-mobility channel replacement for Si in MOSFETs for very high...

Design of rod grooving multispindle drilling unit
Praveenkumar, B. S., Niranjan Hugar, Ajithkumar, A.

Increasing production capacity of manufacturing industry with minimum increase in cost is the challenge faced by the modern production industry. In this regard an attempt was made to design a rod grooving multiple spindle drilling unit to replace existing single spindle unit. Proposed design enabled 6 grooves to be drilled simultaneously and results achieved was reduced cycle time and higher productivity. The parts of this multi spindle unit have to be designed using conventional methods....

Qualitative analysis of human emotions and its performance evaluation
Sayantani Ghosh and Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Human Emotion Detection based on facial expression is a task that can be effortlessly and consistently fulfilled by humans given a set of human images. However recent study has revealed the fact that computers are equally capable of accomplishing the same task with notable accuracy. In this paper an attempt has been made to detect various Human Emotions based on the facial expressions, analyse and classify them with the support of the well-known classifiers like Support Vector Machine...

Study of carbohydrases in grub of Onthophagus catta (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae)
Arun R. Gaikwad and Ganesh P. Bhawane

Onthophagus catta is dung beetle species feeding on cattle dung. The characteristics of some Carbohydrases from mid gut (MG) were studied in the third instar grub of Onthophagus catta. Most of the Carbohydrases showed their maximum activities at pH 7.2.While some Carbohydrases were showing pH optima at 5.6 (Cellulase), 6.0 (Trehalase) and 6.8(Raffinase). Temperature optima for all Carbohydrases which were studied in mid gut occurred at 450C. The Km value of Amylase was 0.222% of starch. The...

Determinants of book online buying behavior of undergraduate students in can Tho University, Vietnam
Vuong Quoc Duy

The article investigates the factors affecting on the book online buying decision by Undergraduate Students at Can Tho University and proposes the solution for business to overcome current constraints and direction in the future. Data used in this paper was collected from the survey of 200 observations. By using the statistical tools and EFA analysis, the findings showed that the factors belong to individual students, suppliers, screen layout and attributes related to the online network as...

Studies on the culture of artemia using ricebran supplemented with marine yeast (Debaryomyces formicarius)
Brintha, M., Thommai Arockia Gaspar, D., Pavithradevi, V. and Vijayalakshmi, G.

The brine shrimp Artemia is playing an important role in aquaculture. The global requirements of Artemia biomass and cyst as important sources of live food for a wide variety of shrimps and fishes increased with the development of intensive aquaculture technology. The demand for large quantities of high quality Artemia biomass and cyst is increasing exponentially. A huge volume of coconut water is wasted by the local farmers which is a good organic source for the culture of marine yeasts. In...

Prevalence of ABO & RH positive blood groups among the hypertensive male and female population in greater Guwahati
Dr. Heemanshu Shekhar Gogoi and Dr. (Mrs.) Bonti Bora

Hypertension may be defined as that level of blood pressure at which the institution of therapy reduces blood pressure related morbidity and mortality. More than 140/90 mm Hg should be considered hypertensive and should get treated. This study was done to evaluate the prevalence of ABO and Rh positive blood groups among the hypertensive male and female patients in greater Guwahati. It was a population-based study done in greater Guwahati. 400 male and 400 female hypertensive subjects were...

Immunochromatographic strip biosensor application for early diagnosis of cancer by urinary carcinoembryonic antigen
Nermin A. El-Morshedi

Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is an oncofoetal cell-surface glycoprotein that serves as an important tumor marker for different types of carcinoma. Combining of gold nanoparticle (Au-NP) and antibody-antigen specific molecular recognition was developed for CEA detection specifically as tumor biomarker in human urine. Our test was based on sandwich type immunoreaction principle on the lateral flow test strip as immunochromatographic strip tests (ISTs). We hypothesized that serum CEA level...

Biomolecule-protective activity of the bacoside fraction from Bacopa monnieri
Manoharan Mohana and Palghat Raghunathan Padma

Bacopa monnieri is an important Ayurvedic drug and, traditionally, it is reported to be used for skin diseases, fever, inflammation, anaemia, urinary disorder and psychiatric disorders. The major therapeutically important chemical constituents of this plant are the triterpenoid saponins, bacosides. In the present study, bacoside fraction was prepared from the aerial parts of Bacopa monnieri. The extent of oxidative damage to cellular biomolecules like membrane lipids, DNA and proteins, and...

Review on the detection of sinkhole attack in WSN
Rupali Prajapati and Rajni Dubey

Wireless Sensor network (WSN) is being emerged as a prevailing science in future as a result of its vast range of functions in military and civilian domains. These networks are simply prone to security attacks. Unattended set up of sensor nodes within the environment explanations many security threats in the WSNs. There are a lot of feasible attacks on sensor network. Sinkhole attack is likely a standout amongst the most destructive routing attacks for these networks. It ought to...

Analysis of biodiesel properties from various oil resources and develop relationships among the properties
Elangovan, T. and Anbarasu, G.

Due to the increasing attention of the depletion of fossil fuel resources and environmental issues, biodiesel became more crisis in the recent years. Biodiesel development is a promising and important field of research because the importance it gains from the rising petroleum price and its environmental advantages. This paper reviews the different types of biodiesel, different methodologies used for production of biodiesel, the characteristics and processes of biodiesel. The major...

Towards enhanced Arabic speech emotion recognition: Comparison between three methodologies
Abdallah Al-Faham and Nada Ghneim

The research on speech emotion recognition has become one of the interesting research themes in speech processing and in human-computer interaction (HCI) applications. In this paper, we present our work with the objective to recognize the Arabic user’s emotional state by analyzing the speech signal. We built an Arabic Emotional Speech corpus, covering five emotions - Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Surprise - and Neutrality. For classification, we adopted Supervised Learning approach, and...



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