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April 2015

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Multimodal biometric system using three biometric traits
Priya N. Ghotkar and Vikas G. Bhowate

In our day to day life, the automatic verification of person is a very important task. The traditional method of establishing a person’s identity include knowledge based like password or token based like ID cards, but representation of these identity can easily be lost, stolen or shared. So for authentication of a person some biometric characters of that person is used. For that purpose one or more biometric characters can be used. But using one character may sometime prove less secure so...

A novel DTC-SVM associated with the calculation of pi regulator of the induction machine
Lakhdar Djaghdali, Farid Naceri and Sebti Belkacem

We present, in this paper, a DTC-SVM control algorithm of an induction machine based on PI controllers. Both the torque and the flux are regulated by a PI controller, where the truth table and the hysteresis are eliminated. We present here a conception method of the PI controllers, associated with the flux and the torque regulation loops and gives analytical formulas for the proportional and integral parameters, depending on the parameters of the induction machine. The effectiveness of the...

Co-administration of artesunate and azadirachta indica extract: effects on antioxidants and certain liver parameters in...
Olaniyi Temitope Adedosu, Akinola Nelson Adedosu, Jelili Abiodun Badmus, Gbadebo Emmanuel Adeleke, Adebola Olayemi Akintola and Samuel...

Resistance to artemisinins has led to possible anti malarial combination therapy. This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of co-administration of artesunate and Azadirachta indica leaves extract on antioxidants and certain liver parameters in rats. 24 male rats weighing averagely 190g were randomly selected into four groups, administered therapeutic doses of artesunate and extract namely : Group A (Control), Group B (Extract only)), Group C (Artesunate only) and Group D (...

Agricultural debt waivers and debt relief scheme – 2008: what impacts does the package have on rural transformation and...
Dr. Dnyandeo C. Talule

Indian agriculture witnessed a flourishing and phenomenal success in crop yields and farm incomes during the green revolution. This was during the late 1970s and the 1980s. But during the 1990s, the agrarian distress caused by vulnerable yields and rural indebtedness happened to be the biggest challenge in India. Unending suffering of cultivators under the burden of rural indebtedness happened to be the biggest challenge. A large number of cultivators suffering under the debt and penury have...

Study of variability and sporulation by isolates of Alternaria solani of Lycopersicon esculentum (Mill.)
Virendra Kumar, Koshlendra Kumar Pandey and Kaushlesh Kumar Mishra

Alternaria solani was studied on various parameters of cultural characters such as radial growth, pigmentation, pH, temperatures sporulation and differential host response. Among five isolates maximum radial growth was found in Sh isolates (75.2 mm) while minimum in Va isolates (56.5 mm). The maximum thickness of conidiogenous hyphae was recorded in Va isolate (9.56) and minimum (1.7) in Mi, Ba and Sh. Alternaria solani grew well on Czapek dox agar medium and Jenson medium. The maximum...

Flow dynamics in river channels
Manjula, V

This paper describes the basic concepts of open channel flow and important conditions effecting the flow behaviour of river channels. The study of open channels traditionally includes the discussion of flow in river. In this paper the phenomenon of flow in river channels can be explained by diagrams. Rivers are large natural streams of water flowing in channels and emptying into larger bodies of water. The river source, also called the headwaters, is the beginning of a river. Often located...

Privacy with low overhead and secure communication for hybrid ADHOC wireless networks
Aruna, K., Halifath Nisha, A., Jayavani, D., Iswariya, M. and Brindharani, V.

In focus of achieving securing communication and protective users’ namelessness and site privacy in hybrid spontanepous networks. Symmetric-key-cryptography operations and payment system area unit wont to secure route discovery and information transmission. To cut back the overhead, the payment are often secured while not submitting or process payment proofs (receipts). To preserve users’ namelessness with low overhead, we have a tendency to develop economical name generation and trapdoor...

Architecture of data publishing tool for the linked data
Shilpi Saxena, Vaishali Tyagi and Mrityunjay singh

In the recent past, the attention has been paid for publishing the structured data on web, know as linked data. Linked data is simply about using web to create typed links between data from different sources. These may be as diverse as databases maintained by different organizations in distributed over different geographical locations, or heterogeneous within the same organization, which are not easily interoperated at the data level. Technically, linked data refers to data published on the...

Ramology: rule acquisition method using ontology
Vaishali Tyagi, Shilpi Saxena, and Divya Gupta

Extracting information helps the users to salvage their needed information from the bulk of knowledge present on Internet. There is variety of information extraction techniques to explore our information from the internet but they do not resume the desired unique information. Ontology techniques can be used for extracting creative information but they have some issues. Rule acquisition is an important issue because the rules are essential part of semantic web applications. So, the proposed...

Efficient automatic test case generation for data flow testing using neighborhood crossover method in genetic algorithm
Anushree and M. Mohan

This paper presents the automatic test case generation for data flow testing. This paper applies Genetic Algorithm using neighborhood crossover method which significantly increases the efficiency and reduce the effort. For enhancing the efficiency in generating the test cases this approach includes a mechanism for adapting the range of neighborhoods according to the evolutionary progress. There are three types of neighborhood crossover: 4 neighbor crossover, 3 neighbor crossover and 2...

Kapla beel and its impact on socio- economic condition of dependent people
Dr. Rantu Mani Deka

This paper presents the resources of kapla beel, and its impact on socio-economic status of dependent people. The kapla beel economically supports the dependent people for their survival. The dependent people earn their livelihoods directly through capturing of fishes and cultivating paddy in wetland areas. Around the beel there are seven villages namely Kapla, Baniakuchi, Helaypara, Amrikhowa, Haldhibari, Sinadi and Churchuria village having approximately 14,100 population. Out of these 710...

Pattern of internet use among medical students: a cross sectional study
Aggarwal Sumit, S., Ambalkar Deepti, D., Kale Kalpana, M., Aswar Nandkeshav, R. and Bhatkule Prakash, R.

Introduction: The development and evolution of internet has brought profound changes in the health care delivery systems. Internet is a cost effective medium of communication which can help in meeting the complex information needs of healthcare professionals. It can serve as an important learning tool in medical education by providing access to latest evidence anytime and anywhere.
Objectives: This study was conducted to determine the patterns of internet access and utilization among...

Changes in some antioxidants in hiv positive patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy (case study of Nsukka...
Aniagolu, M. O, Ezeanyika, L. U. S, Parker, J., Shu, N., Ngwu, A. M, and Ikegwuonu

Some biochemical changes accompany infection by HIV. Once CD4+count decrease to 500 cells/mm3, HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy) is initiated. The aim of this work is to elucidate the effect of HAART on some of the biochemical changes caused by HIV/AIDS with reference to some components of the antioxidant system. Seventy subjects comprising twenty apparently healthy control subjects in Nsukka locality and fifty HIV sero positive subjects ready to be placed on HAART were recruited...

Ageing and its implications for staff performance, productivity and retirement plans.
Mbah, P. E., Chukwudolue, J.N. and Busari, O

The study investigated problems of ageing and retirement with special emphasis on its implication to staff performance and productivity. The study adopted a descriptive survey design in which staff (lecturers) of two (2) Colleges of Education in Lagos State (Federal College of Education (Tech), Akoka and Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Ijanikin) was randomly sampled. A structured questionnaire was designed based on the objectives of the study to elicit responses an ageing and...

Nutritional value of the artificial pelleted feed on the growth of the siluroid Heteropneustes fossilis (bloch).
Rana Niamat and Mohd. Javed Kamal Shamsi

Growth response and survival of catfish, Heteropneustis fossilis, fed artificially Compounded pelleted diet have been studied. It was observed that the fish accepts and thrives well on soft pellets, with 100% survival .The conversion factor of the feed over a 6-weeks feeding trial was found to be 1.8 corresponding to a conversion efficiency of 56%. The study suggests that cost-effective raw materials, even though without any additional supplementation with minerals and vitamins, etc., could...

Genetic and genomic intervention to upsurge nutritive values of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)
Yogranjan, Gyanesh K. Satpute and Sudhakar P. Mishra

Recent years witnessed an interest from the industrial sector in sesame for production of superior quality oil augmented with sound antioxidants. However, despite its economic significance being widely felt, breeding programmes of sesame has not been complemented adequately with the innovative breeding and biotechnological tools. The crop has enormous variability and several molecular marker systems have been used to increase selection efficiency for genotyping of several traits as well....

Prospective of medical cost for diabetes mellitus for sex and age group in range 2012-2050: case of Mexico
Dora E. Ledesma-Carrio´ n, Lidia Herna´ndez-Herna´ndez and Mar´ıa Teresa Leonor Mucin˜ o-Porras

Medical costs are calculated for diabetes mellitus types I and II for all age groups of Mexican people and sex into range of 2012-2050. Probabilities of entrance or disease detection, in treatment and death are calculated for each age group and sex. The maximum probabilities for each case are 13.66% (50-54), 7.37% (55-59) and 7.14% (80-84) for male. Analogously, for female are 29.67% (50-54), 7.66% (55-59) and 4.96% (80-84), respectively. The treatment costs...

Modification on the synthesis process of hydroxyapatite
Dora E. Ledesma-Carrio´ n

A rod-like morphology with particle size of 20-50x100-200 nm, particle average size of 175.9 nm with 1-modal, pore radii of 1.22 nm and stoichiometric and anisotropic hy- droxyapatite (HA) was prepared by reacting calcium hydroxide and a phosphoric acid solution. The resulting powder was heat treated at 680◦ C . Two time of aging were applied at 24 and 48 h. This process does not include sintering only heat treatment, and it is a HA fabrication advantage. And...

Sub acute dermal toxicity of metalaxyl with special reference to oxidative stress in wistar rats
Mudasir sultana, Shahid Prawez, Muneer Ahmad Dar, Mahrukh Ahmad and Sania Naseem

The present study was aimed to evaluate the oxidative stress potential of metalaxyl after its dermal application for a period of 30 days in wistar rats. Rats were divided into two groups with six rats in each group. Group I served as control and were dermally applied with distilled water. Group II received dermal treatment of metalaxyl @ 350mg/Kg.bwt (1/10th LD50) after dissolution in water. Significant increase in Lipid peroxidation was observed on 30th day of treatment in metalaxyl treated...

Assessment of the relation of mandibular third molars to the mandibular canal: a meta-analysis comparing panoramic...
Jadu, Fatima, M. and Jan, Ahmed, M.

Objectives: Extraction of mandibular third molars carries the risk of injuring the inferior alveolar nerve. The risk can be minimized by modifying the surgical approach or technique but this requires a thorough assessment of the relationship between the third molar and the mandibular canal. This study aims to analyze available data that compares the accuracy of panoramic radiographs and Cone Beam CT images in assessment of the relationship between the mandibular third molars and the...

Inhibition of cancer by targeting MMP9 through molecular docking approach
Manaswini Jagadeb, Chirasmita Nayak, Rohit Pritam Das, Sidhant Mohanty and Rajesh Kumar Meher

Now days among many serious diseases, cancer plays very important challenge to human society. To prevent this disease, many target proteins have identified. Among them MMP9 is playing very important role. Matrix metalloproteinase belong to the large family of protease known as the metzincin super family, These are zinc dependent endopeptidases. MMP have capacity to degrading all kind of extracellular metrix. Matrix metalloprotease 9 is a type iv collagenase is a class of enzyme belongs to...

To study the changes in noise stress induced membrane bound enzymes and effect of triphala in brain of albino rats
Gayathri Fathima, I. and Sheeladevi, R

Introduction: A large number of people frequently exposed to unavoidable noise in urban areas, industries, household appliances in this modern world in our daily life. Noise is one of the globally faced environment stressor, which was proved affecting the psycho physiological problems, auditory defect, non-auditory disorder.
Objective: Triphalawas selected for this study to understand its efficacy on the membrane bound enzymes of brain during noise exposure.
Materials and methods...

Preparedness of schools offering inclusive education to children with physical disabilities in inclusive settings in...
Washingtone Wachianga, Dr. Charles Makori Omoke and Dr. Jack Odongo Ajowi

Establishing inclusive schools in Kenya is apriority however not all schools practice inclusion. The purpose of the study was to determine educational experiences of children with physical disabilities in inclusive settings in Kenya. The objective was to determine the state of preparedness of schools offering inclusive education to children with physical disabilities in inclusive settings. The study was guided by Constructivist Learning Theory. The study employed mixed methods approach. The...

Perception of blood banks employee aboutcomputerized bar codebased tracking system for detecting and preventing medical...
Bader F. AL Shabrain and salah mojali

Purpose: The specific objective addressed in this paper were assess the positive and the negative employee perceptions toward using the bar code to reduce the blood transfusion errors in the blood banks.
Method: The data were collected using a self-administrated questionnaire with simple random sampling to select the study samples. A sample of 110 employee from 4 blood banks in Riyadh city in Saudi Arabia. The study used a descriptive analysis to answer the research question.

Comparative study of inhaled salbultamol and ipratropium bromide in bronchial asthma
Dr. Anjali P. Ghare

Objective: (i) To study pulmonary function test abnormalities in patients suffering from bronchial asthma. (ii) To assess the reversibility of bronco-constriction after inhalation of salbutamol & iptratropium bromide in these patients. (iii) To study comparative response of reversibility bronco constriction with salbutamol and ipratropium bromide in these patients.
Materials and methods: The present study was undertaken in dept. of chest medicine GMC Nanded during period between 1/...



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