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February 2015

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Effects of deprivation of vitamin a on the intestine of paratelphusa spinigera wood mason
Manjula Dutta Ray Barua, Kumud Chandra Rabha Dutta, N. K. and Dr. Dikshita Ray Barua

This study shows the effect of vitamin A deprivation in the epithelial tissues of the intestine of Paratelphusa spinigera, a fresh water crab. Histological studies were conducted both in control or normal and vitamin A –deficient crabs. The administration of vitamin A –deficient diet was continued for 90-95 days and chronological studies were done at 30-35 days, 60-65 days and 90-95 days and the histopathological changes were analyzed. Gradual degeneration of mucous glands leading to...

HDL design for EXA hertz clock based 2E31-1 EXA bits per second (EBPS) PRBS design for ultra high speed applications/...
HDL design for EXA hertz clock based 2E31-1 EXA bits per second (EBPS) PRBS design for ultra high speed applications/products

The Design is mainly Intended for High Speed Random Frequency Carrier Wave Generator of Exa Bits Per Second Ebps (Exa Bits Per Second) Data Rate 2e23-1 Tapped PRBS Pattern Sequence. The PRBS is Designed by using LFSR Linear Feed Back Shift Register and XOR Gate with Specific Tapping Points as per CCITT ITU Standards. RTL Design Architecture Implemented by using VHDL and/ Verilog HDL, Programming and Debugging Done by using Spartan III FPGA Kit. Transmission done through this carrier...

Criteria for citing poverty alleviating facilities in target communities in Nigeria: A case study of Yobe State
Madaki Musa Janga

The Federal Government of Nigeria have created programmes to alleviate poverty, but indices on electricity, water, education, housing and health have shown that little have been done in the country’s effort to develop rural areas. Most of the development projects were not evenly distributed and as such very few groups of people benefited from such projects. One of the most critical decisions of poverty alleviation programme is the identification of the intended beneficiaries of the...

Screening of medicinal plants extracts to control growth of opportunistic fungus (Aspergillus flavus)
Vijai Malik

The aim of this study is to evaluate the fungicidal property of Alstonia scholaris, Argemone maxicana and Datura alba. For this purpose effect of different alcoholic extract concentrations were observed on growth performances of Aspergillus flavus on 5th and 7th day. Result shows that alcoholic extract concentrations inhibit radial growth of this fungus. Result also indicates that inhibition of fungal growth increase with the increase in the concentration of alcoholic extracts.

Deposition and characterization of Bi2S3 for photoelectrochemical solar cell application
Buba, A. D. A., Ajala, E. O. and Samson, D. O.

An investigation was carried out on the Photoelectrochemical properties of Bismuth Sulphide (Bi2S3) thin film deposited onto fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) glass substrate by Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) technique. A PEC configuration of Bi2S3/(NaOH-S-NaS)/S was formed with Bi2S3 as the working electrode and graphite the counter electrode. The performance of the cell include measurement of photocurrent, photo voltage, fill factor, cell efficiency, flat band potential, band gap energy and...

Thermal behavior of a house based on a volumetric thermal transient model
Horta-Rangel, J., Gonzalez-Castaneda, J., Perez-Rea, L., Rojas-Gonzalez, E., Lopez-Lara, T. and Hernandez-Zaragoza, J.

The thermal behavior within housing obeys both to natural heat transfer processes as well as thermophysical properties of the different materials constituting the housing particularly those concerning to the envelopes such as: Ceiling, Walls and Floor. All materials are sensitive to the thermal effects and define in part the ranges of temperature values inside housing. Of a great importance also are the conditions of orientation of the house and number of openings that in turn generate air...

Taxonomic status of Scleria flaccida C. B. clarke: a review
Viji, A. R. and Pandurangan, A. G.

Scleria flaccida Clarke often treated under synonym of S. rugosa R. Br. Due to apparent similarity in spite of its distinctiveness noted by several systematists. Based on revised study with fresh collections, it has been reinstated as a separate species with adequate justification. Also provides a detailed taxonomic description, photographs and relevant information for its easy identification in the field.

Thermodynamic parameters of some benzylidene amino phenyl benzoate liquid crystals
Subhan, C. M., Jeevan Kumar, R., Gupta, N. V. S., Jayashree, B. and Fakruddin, K.

Liquid crystalline materials find potential applications in diversified fields. Physical properties of liquid crystalline materials govern their use in different devices. A particular application demands the physical property in a particular range. In view of this the temperature variation of density and hence thermal expansion coefficient is measured on the three liquid crystalline compounds namely,
1. (E)-4-((hexyloxy)benzylidene)amino)phenyl 4-butoxy benzoate (S-1)
2. (E)-4...

Gross anatomical studies on vertebral column in white spotted deer (Axis axis)
Iniyah, K., Jayachitra, S., Balasundaram, K. and Sivagnanam, S.

The present study was conducted at department of veterinary anatomy and histology utilizing a 2.5 year old white spotted deer by wet method of maceration. The vertebral formula observed was C7 T13 L6 S5 Cy4 and the atlas was atypical, in the form of a ring with laterally projected wings and enclosed by large vertebral canal. At its anterior margin, the dorsal arch was perforated by intervertebral foramen on either side and was connected to the alar foramen. The body of the axis was longer...

Risk factors of contrast induced acute kidney injury -a single centre study in a tertiary hospital of Bangladesh
Pradip Kumar Dutta and Md. Monirul Mannan

Background: Contrast induced Acute Kidney Injury (CI-AKI) is a potentially reversible cause of acute kidney Injury (AKI) following intravascular contrast administration. Common diagnostic procedures like computed tomography (CT), coronary angiogram (CAG) and intravenous urography (IVU) utilize intravascular iodinated contrast media. This cross sectional observational study was conducted in a tertiary hospital of Bangladesh to assess the proportion of CI-AKI with their risk factors over...

Preliminary study on the ability of a Streptomyces specie isolated from garden soil to produce antimicrobial agent
Umeh, S. O., Bassey, E. E., Agu, G. C., Okeke, B. C. and Udemezue, O. I.

Great limitations of some antibiotics nowadays range from human and animal toxicity to narrow spectrum of efficacy. Most synthetic antibiotics have failed to satisfy the needs of their production. There is need therefore to isolate new strains of microorganisms that can yield more effective drugs to be used in tackling the erupting microbial infections. A strain of actinomycete was isolated from a garden soil. The strain grows at optimal temperature of 30oC and maximum temperature of 42oC in...

Optimization of resource use efficiency in smallscale maize production in Niger State, Nigeria
Sadiq Mohammed Sanusi, Ogungbile, A. O., Yakasai, M. T., Ahmad, M. M. and Daneji, M. I.

This study determines resource use efficiency in maize production in Niger state, Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to elicit data from 200 maize farmers’ through administration of pre-tested questionnaire in the study area. Data collection was for 2010 cropping season. Production function analyses which incorporate the conventional neoclassical test of economic and technical efficiencies were used as the analytical technique. Findings revealed that the farmers were...

Fertigation scheduling in tomato based on the hydraulics and nutrients under point source of water application
Neelam Patel, Rajput, T. B. S. and Mukesh Kumar

Drip irrigation with fertigation is the most efficient way to supply water and nutrients to the plant as it saves significant amounts of water and nutrients and enhances the quality and quantity of vegetable and fruit crops. The effect of soil moisture movement and nutrient dynamics on the growth and yield of tomato was studied. Tomato (Indo-American hybrid var. Rashmi) crop was transplanted and the movement of waterfront and the distribution of soil moisture and nutrients (N, P2O5 and K2O...

Teachers’ perception on the causes of students' poor mathematics performance in secondary schools of Kebbi State,...
Muhammad Sani Abdurrahman, Faruk Abdullahi, Mustapha Ibrahim and Mukhtar Muhammad Sani

Poor academic performance is any performance that falls below a desired standard of education. Education at secondary school level is the bedrock and the foundation towards higher knowledge in tertiary institutions. The role of secondary education is to lay a foundation for further education and if a good foundation is laid at this level, there are likely to be no problem at subsequent levels. However, different people at different times opines several reasons as to why students fail in...

Effects of different nitrogen levels on yield and yield components of dry land wheat cultivars
Bavar, M., Heidari Sharif Abad, H. and Gh. Noormohamadi

In order to investigate effects of different nitrogen levels on yield and yield components of dry land wheat cultivars, an experiment was carried out at factorial in randomized complete blocks design with three replications at Shirvan dry land research station in 2012-2013. The studied treatment was wheat cultivars in four levels including (Rasad, Sabalan, Cross Sabalan and Azar 2) and nitrogen fertilizer rate in four levels including (0, 25, 50 and 75 kg/ha). Results showed that cultivar...

Assessment of the effect of cigarette smoking on some coagulation parameters in Sokoto North Western Nigeria
Isah, I. Z., Abdulrahaman, Y., Okwesili, A. N., Ikhuenbor, D. B., Aghedo, F., Ibrahim, M., Onuigwe, F. U., Buhari, H., Ibrahim, K. and...

Objectives: Cigarette smoking is a global public health problem. Worldwide, cigarette smoking has serious health, economic and social implications. There are about 1300 million smokers globally and about 75 of these are in the developing countries. The aim of this present study was to determine the effect of cigarette smoking on some coagulation parameters of smokers in Sokoto, Nigeria.
Method: This present study was a case‐control study conducted among 100 smokers (subjects) and 100...

The risk of transfusion –transmissible hepatitis c infection among blood donors in Sokoto, North Western Nigeria
Erhabor, O., Yakubu, A., Usman, I., Abubakar, A. W., Buhari, H., Okwesili, A., Onuigwe, F.U., Isaac, Z., Ibrahim, K. and Mainasara, Y.

In this present study we investigated the prevalence of hepatitis C infection among 150 consecutively recruited blood donors aged 18 to 65 years and mean age 27.4 ± 6.6 years made up of 133 (86.7%) male and 17 (11.3%) females. Among the donors tested, 3(2%) were positive for hepatitis C. The prevalence of hepatitis C was compared based on the gender and ABO blood group of blood donors. HCV infection was significantly higher among male donors 3 (2%) compared to female donors (p=0.001). The...

Assessment of haemodialysis adequacy among esrd in sokoto using urea reduction ratio and serum albumin concentration
Yeldu, M. H., Makusidi, M. A., Mainasara, A. S., Usman, S. N. and Erhabor, O.

Introduction: Among patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) who are treated with haemodialysis, solute clearance and nutritional adequacy are determinants of mortality. The aim of this study was to assess the adequacy of haemodialysis among patients with ESRD in Sokoto.
Material and Methods: This was a prospective study that included fifty three (53) ESRD patients that are on maintenance haemodialysis. Each patient was dialyzed thrice using same dialyzer after reprocessing with 4...

Comparative effect of probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), prebiotic (fructooligosaccharide fos) and their combination...
Nasreen M. Abdulrahman and Vian M. Ahmed

This study was carried out to study the effect of Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) as a source of prebiotic, commercial dry yeast (Saccharomycescerevisiae) as a source of probiotic and their combination in different level as a source of symbiotic. The experiment was conducted in the fish laboratory of Animal Production Department, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Sulaimani University, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. The trials lasted for three months after an adaptation period of 21 days....

Study on harmful effects of opium on liver functions in chronic opium addicts of Western Rajasthan
Kamla Choudhary, Dr. Chawla, V. K., Dr. Vihan Chawdhary, Dr. Raghuveer Choudhary, Sunita Choudhary and Dr. Sonika Choudhary

Background: Today opium dependence is widely prevalent in certain states of India, especially Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh (MP) etc. In rural areas of western Rajasthan crude opium is consumed with a social acceptance by a notable proportion (8.0%) of adult male population. Later on they become addicted to it.
Objective: to observe the changes in liver function parameters in opium addicted subjects in Jodhpur division of Western Rajasthan.
Methods: The present...

Dielectric materials incorporated micro iron rod reinforced polyurethane composites for microwave absorbing applications
Anirban Maitra, Chapal Kumar Das, Shami, T. C. and Dixit, A. K.

Now a day, a vast variety of ceramic and polymeric materials is used for the fabrication and designing of the microwave absorbing materials and RADAR absorbing materials (RAMs). The microwave has got two different parts. One is electric part and the other one is the magnetic component. Both of these two components are perpendicular to each other. To absorb the microwave radiation, it is essential to cancel both of these components and the material which will be used as a genuine candidate to...

Effects of spent engine oil on soil physicochemical properties of and microorganisms (bacteria)
Milala, M. A., Blessing, D. and Abdulrahman, A. A.

This study aimed at investigating the impact of spent engine oil on soil physicochemical properties and the microorganisms of the soil. Two nursery beds of 5m distance from each other was created at agricultural research farm land, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria and 250ml volume of spent engine oil was added to the first nursery bed for the period of 4weeks (application was three times per week) and 500ml of the spent engine oil was added to the second nursery bed for the same duration. A...

Assessment of crisis management in rural settlements (case study of rural new castle)
Dr. Simin Armaghan and Mehdi Ebadi

Natural hazards are a concern for those involved in planning. The village houses are of the most vulnerable areas of the country due to the type of structural materials and structures. Thus, the importance of proper planning is essential to reduce vulnerability to natural hazards. Considering the fact that Iran is among the ten most disaster-having countries in the world in terms of topography and position, poor rural planning and implementation have caused irreparable damages on Iran's...

Extraction of total RNA from sperm of new Zealand white rabbits for detection of phospholipase C zeta (PLC ζ)
Nur Hayati Samsul Baharil, Muhamad Khalil Mohamad Nawi, Cheah Yoke Kqueen and Sabrina Sukardi

Fertilization is defined as the fusion of a spermatozoon to an ovum. Upon fusion, a sperm specific factor Phospholipase C ζ was inserted triggering long lasting Ca2+ oscillations which drive egg activation and early embryonic development phase. Previous studies indicate that PLCζ homologues have been identified in humans, mice, pigs, monkeys and chickens. Although a preliminary study exhibits that PLCζ is present in rabbit testis, the sequence has not been published and the study on sperm...

Microbiological and HPLC assays for detection of tetracycline residues in chicken meat
Ishraga G. Ibrahim, Sabiel, Y. A., Thoria, O. O., Khalafalla, A. E., Safa, O. S., Khogali, M. E. Salwa, Hala, A. Elrayah, Manal H. Salih...

Antibiotics are used for control of infectious diseases, promote growth and increase feed efficiency in chickens. Incorrect use of these drugs are practiced deposits the presence of some residue in the products. Microbiological assay are generally used for residue screening as part of an integrated system with follow-up confirmatory analysis of suspicious samples. This research highlights the importance and existence of antibiotics residue in poultry meat. Eighty seven chicken meat samples...

Effects of season and fish smoking on heavy metal contents of selected fish species from three locations in Borno State...
Amin O. Igwegbe, Charles A. Negbenebor, Elizabeth C. Chibuzo, Mamudu H. Badau and Gervase I. Agbara

The present study was designed to determine the level of four toxic heavy metals: lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, in edible muscles of four fish species namely Tilapia nilotica (Tilapia), Synodontis guntheri (Kurungu), Heterotis niloticus (Bargi), and Clarias anguillaris (Catfish), harvested from three locations  Alua Dam, Doron Baga and Dabamasara within the Lake Chad Basin of Borno State, Nigeria. The main objective was to investigate the possible effects of dry and rainy seasons and...

Study of traditional chulha, smoke exposure and effect on health in belvai village (Banda District) - a case study
Ravindra Singh and Ranjeeta Simon

Exposure to household wood smoke for longer duration and using traditional cook stoves and fuels is a risk factor for chronic lung diseases among women and young children in the kitchen premises with their mother’s in developing countries. Now the social scientists have recently begun to pay closer attention to this issue and to test strategies for reducing indoor air pollution. In this paper the results of the survey of types of traditional cook stoves and fuel consumption effecting the...

Goldenhar syndrome a case report
Pallavi Reddy, R., Pallavi Reddy, R. and Keshav Rao

A 12 year old patient presented with Limbal dermoid, Pre- auricular tags, Fused C3-C4 and C5-C6 vertebrae diagnosed as Goldenher Syndrome.

Effects of food additives and preservatives on man- a review
Inetianbor, J. E., Yakubu, J. M. and Ezeonu, S. C.

Food additives are organic substances that are intentionally added to food in small quantities during production or processing to improve the organoleptic quality (colour, flavour, appearance, taste and texture) of the food. Food preservative is a class of food additive that help to prevent food spoilage by preventing the growth and proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms like Clostridium spp , Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus aureus. This can be achieved by bringing down the pH of the...



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