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October 2014

Advances in post systems- pit and falls to avoid
Mithilesh Kumar, Abhinav Chauhan, Sanjeeva Olepu and Abhi Sharma

Mithilesh Kumar, Abhinav Chauhan, Sanjeeva Olepu and Abhi Sharma

Morphodynamic changes around subarnarekha coast: study using multi change satellite data
Debabrata Nandi and Chiranjit Ghosh

The present study area is situated at the low laying coastal alluvial planes of the Subarnarekha delta in tropical region. Subarnarekha delta plain is a depositional coastal sector with active Chenier delta formation. A tremendous amount of sediments carried by river Subarnarekha throughout the year which is more responsible to develop the depositional coast, on the other hand wave reworking is going on with successive dry and wet phases. So many landforms have formed as well as many...

Developing arginine as an inhibitor for α-synuclein aggregation: an innovative therapy to combat parkinson’s disease
Asthana Shrishti

α-synucleinParkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder and its root cause is the aggregation of the protein α-synuclein, which leads to neural cell death. There exists no technique through which the aggregation process can be reversed. A large no. of epidemiological studies has shown increased risk of Parkinson’s in populations exposed to pesticides. I wish to investigate the role of arginine as an inhibitor in pesticide induced α-synuclein aggregation and develop this innovative...

Identified with helphaemofilter cytological blood tests indications of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients operated on...
Chimitov, A. A., Shoihet, J. N., Lazarev, A. F., Dambaev, G. Ts., Perinov, A. P., Khanhashanova, T. D. and Stepanov, A. S.

Issue about the need for adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer, until recently, only dared considering clinical patomorfologichesikh tumor properties. But now these views are changing. The article discusses research haemofilter cytological venous blood of cancer patients undergoing radical surgery. This method aims to detect in the peripheral blood of circulating cancer cells. The discovery kartsenimii is the base to assign patients to postoperative chemotherapy.

Design and construction of a soya bean oil extracting machine
Anebi, J. G., Umogbai, V. I. and Bako, T.

The objectives of this work are to design a small scale screw press for soya bean oil extraction; to fabricate the components of the machine based on the design specifications and; to test the oil press after fabrication and assembly of the components. This machine was aimed at easing the pain, stress, intensive labour, and time consumption encountered in the existing soya bean oil pressing processes. The basic features of the soya bean oil extracting machine are the frame, electric motor,...



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