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September 2014

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Community pattern and diversity index of macro-invertebrates in relation to surface water interface of river ndakotsu,...
Dadi-Mamud, N. J., Oniye, S. J., Auta, J. and Ajibola, V. O.

Community pattern and diversity index of macro-invertebrates in relation to Surface water interface of River Ndakotsu (latitude 90.34N and longitude 60.30E), Lapai, Nigeria was conducted from November 2010 to October 2012, using the modified kick sampling technique. Five stations were selected from upstream to downstream base on anthropogenic activities and ecological status of the River. Water quality changes indicated significant differences (p<0.05) in water and air temperatures, depth...

Effect of activation time on chemical structure and quality of coconut shell activated carbon
Djefry Tani, Bambang Setiaji, Wega Trisunaryanti and Akhmad Syoufian

Preparation and characterization of the activated carbon from the coconut shell using the combination of both chemical and physical activations with the activator of KOH and CO2 stream has been conducted. The research was aimed to study the mechanism of chemical change that occurred during the activation process by characterizing the charcoal after being chemically and physically activated. The coconut shell charcoal was immersed in the solution of KOH (0.5-2.0 M) for 12-24 h. It was then...

Comparison on the use of silicon and flexible organic solar cells as replacements for fossil fuel energy source of...
Azad Azabany, Khalid Khan and Waqar Ahmed

The majority of businesses use electricity derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. These will run out and are causing substantial environmental damage threatening the future generations. Previously, we considered the energy utilization in a small business. If SME’s could use solar energy then crucially damage to the environment can be prevented. Solar cells involve harnessing the energy from the sun to generate electricity. In this study a comparison of the use of silicon solar cells to...

Impact of afforestation on soil health diversity in Mayureshwar wildlife sanctuary, Tal. Baramati, Dist.-Pune....
Ben, V. C., Kulkarni D. K. and Bhagat, R. B.

The forest Department has developed Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary situated near village Supe in Baramati Taluka of Pune Distirct, which is protected for Chinkara (Gazella gazella bennetti). For many years the area was barren and remained devoid of any vegetation. The soils lack in humus, contain toxic elements and the status of nutrients is low. Natural colonization and its development into an ecosystem are slow and stochastic processes. Systematic plantations were undertaken on a large...

Heavy metals concentration in soils and vegetation around selected waste dumpsites in delta state
Nwajei, G. E., Dibofori-orji, A. N., Oberhiri, V. U. and Nwajei, R. I.

Contamination levels assessment of potential toxic metals such as Ni, Cu, V, Cr, Cd, Pb and Ba in soils and vegetations (Americinthus Spinosus and Brachiria deflexa) around Agbor, Sapele and Warri waste dumpsites were carried out. The aforementioned metals were analytically determined by using the atomic absorption spectrophotometry of model GBC – Scientific A6358, Austira. The results show that all metals levels in soils were higher than their values in Ameranthus, Spinosus and Brachiria...

Trimethylamine (TMA) profile of white snapper fillet (Lates calcarifer) after giving liquid smoke of coconut shell
Krisen, S. S., Setiaji, B., Trisunaryanti, W. and Pranowo, H. D.

The research on trimethylamine (TMA) profile of white snapper fillet (L. calcarifer) after giving liquid smoke of coconut shell has been conducted. The research objective was to determine liquid smoke concentration and soaking time, analyzing TMA concentration of L calcarifer fillet without and with giving liquid smoke of coconut shell during storage. White Snapper (L. calcarifer) is filleted, then wash ed with flowing fresh water. A part of fillet is soaked with liquid smoke and another...

Sustainable rural development programmes in Nigeria: Issues and challenges
Raheem, Wasiu Mayowa and Bako, Abdullateef Iyanda

The quest for rural development in Nigeria has spurred government at all levels to initiate various efforts aimed at solving perennial problems of the rural areas. At different period, they have launched series of programmes to ensure better living for the rural dwellers. This study relied on secondary data by making use of past literature in order to examine the successes and shortcomings of the programmes. The focus of this paper therefore is to critically examine the various rural...

Dry season identification and species characteristics of aquatic macrophytes in the floodplains of river Benue at...
Jimin, A. A., Magani, E. I. and Usman, H. I.

A survey experiment was conducted during the dry season (March- April) of 2013 in the floodplains of River Benue in streams, ponds, main drainage channels and marshy areas within Makurdi metropolis comprising nine (9) locations, to determine the prominent dry season aquatic macrophytes infesting these water areas, their distribution and species characteristics. Macrophyte survey was carried out based on a combination of transects. In each transect all species and ecological groups (emergent...

Effect of media on the food selection and purchase in children 7 to 9 years
Manjusha Atul Bhakay and Sabiha Vali

Media advocacy has been defined as the art and science of working with the news media to enhance the portrayal of health, thereby potentially changing public opinion and influencing social norms. Although television has the power to educate on nutrition, exercise, and a wide variety of health related issues; it can also be a negative force through images and advertisements, which influence viewers to make poor food choices or to overeat. It has an effect on people of all walks of life-right...

The influence of learning method of student teams-achievement divisions (STAD), inquiry based learning (IBL), and...
Suhartono, Joko Nurkamto, St. Y. Slamet and Sarwiji Suwandi

The purpose of this study were: (1) to find out the difference of students’ writing competence who studied with the method of Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD), Inquiry Based Learning (IBL), and Expository; (2) to find out the difference of students’ the writing competence who have a high interest in reading and students who have a low interest in reading; and (3) to find out the interaction between learning method and the reading interest to writing competence. This research is a...

Energy analysis for replacing fossil fuel energy source of electricity with solar cells in the uk and Kurdistan, Iraq
Azad Azabany, Khalid Khan, Waqar Ahmed and Mahmood H Shah

Energy is a vital resource required for the operation of any business. Currently, the vast majority of businesses use electricity derived for non-renewable fossil fuels, which are expected to run out at its current rate of expenditure and causing substantial environmental damage threatening the future generations. In the UK if the current energy source used by small and medium enterprises (SME’s) could be replaced by solar energy then damage to the environment can be prevented and reduce...

Fine needle aspiration cytology of cervical lymphadenopathy- a study of 510 cases
Dukare S. R., Jadhav D. S., Gaikwad A. L., Ranka S. N., Kale P. B. and D’costa G.

Objective: Cytological examination of Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) smears can determine whether lymphadenopathy is due to reactive hyperplasia, infection, metastatic malignancy or malignant lymphoma. FNAC a simple, and reliable technique can be used as a routine OPD procedure for establishing etiology of cervical lymphadenopathy. In this study we describe cytomorphological patterns of FNAC of cervical lymph nodes and it's utility in establishing diagnosis.
Methods: This study...

Clinical trial of an herbal product in the treatment of alopecia
Dr. Harisha, S., Kiran.Vuppala and Dr. K. R. Ranganathan

Androgenic Alopecia (AGA): Androgenic alopecia (also known as Androgenetic alopecia or Alopecia androgenetica), in male humans in particular this condition is also commonly known as male pattern baldness, hereditary alopecia and simply common baldness.
Pathophysiology: Androgenetic alopecia is a genetically determined disorder and is progressive through the gradual conversion of thick terminal hairs with fine, miniaturized hairs that are eventually lost. Patients with...

Additively inversive semirings/ hemirings characterized by their fuzzy ideals
Nazish Kanwal and Muhammad Zakaullah Khan

The main objective of this study is to construct fuzzy analogous using Zadeh’s notion of the following results of Yusuf (Yusuf, 1965) regarding inversive semirings and hemirings. In case of a collection of left/right/two-sided ideals of an additively inversive semiring their non-empty intersection is also left/right/two-sided ideal. For any additively inversive hemiring, the complex sum of two left/right/two sided ideals is also a left/right/two-sided ideal. For an additively inversive...

Isolation and identification of Probiotic strains from Danisco premix yogurt culture
Nasrin Parveen, Formuzul Haque and Ariful Islam, M.

Probiotics are alive and nonpathogenic microorganisms that are beneficial to maintain host intestinal balance. It was isolated from YO-MIX, Yogurt Cultures 38360 Sasssenage, DANISCO FRANCE by using Trypticase, Phytone peptone yeast extract (TPY) agar added 0.5% propionoic acid as selective agent and inoculated at 37 oC for 48 hours in anaerobic condition. Test of the colonies showed Y and V shaped. The Biochemical test for indole, catalase, gelatin, nitrate reduction, gas from glucose and...

Geospatial analysis of road transport system in Peri- urban areas of Ibadan, Nigeria
Muili, A. B., Toyobo, E. A., Ige, J. O. and Ibrahim, R. B.

Most countries of the developing world are characterized by inadequate and poorly maintained road transport infrastructure. The condition of peri-urban areas of Nigeria is more pathetic since they are highly deprived of infrastructural facilities. This paper therefore, examines existing road transportation facilities in the six local governments that constitute peri-urban areas of Ibadan using geo-spatial techniques. This techniques which consist of Global Positioning System (GPS) and...



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM