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May 2014

Prevalence of sickle cell trait in four tribal communities of Visakhapatnam district
Haritha, P., Lakshmi, V. and Veerraju, P.

Sickle cell disease is a commonest single gene disorders and the clinical course is highly variable ranging from frequent severe pain crisis and life threatening complications that can result in early childhood death to infrequent pain and only mild temporary symptomology. It is prevalent in some of the communities in Africa, America, Middle East and East Asia and its distribution varies geographically and from community to community. In India the prevalence of sickle cell trait varies...

Design of air distributer for proper burning of fuel in furnace for high temperature and low NOX emission
Waseem Amjad, Imtiaz Hussain, Anjum Munir and Lim In-Gweon

Energy inputs and its environmental effects are critical to a thermal process. The increased use of fossil fuel based energy resources has become increasingly important, particularly in developed countries and increasingly in the developing countries. So there is need to use the existing source of energy in most efficient way. The complete burning of fuel is very important for uniform distribution of heat energy and less NOx formation. Numerical study has done to design an air distributor in...

Calculation of fission product concentrations for time following a fission burst
Pham Ngoc Son

Precise information of the variation of fission product concentration for time after a fission burst is necessary for safety designs and operations of nuclear power reactors, fuel storage, transport flasks, and for spent fuel management and processing. In this study, an efficient computation procedure has been introduced for exact analysis of the buildup and decay of fission products for time following a fission burst. The analytical data of fission product concentrations was applied to...

Histological observations on the capsule and connective tissue stroma of mammary gland in madras red sheep (Ovis aries)
Paramasivan, S., Geetha Ramesh, Ushakumary, S., Kumaravel, A., Sathyamoorthy, O. R. and Sivagnanam, S.

The mammary gland in Madras red sheep was covered from outside to inside by the skin and fibroelastic capsule. The connective tissue septa branched off from capsule and grown deeper and penetrated the adipose tissue which was evident in the mammary glands of prepubertal and pubertal animals. The concentration of the elastic and reticular fibres increased in pregnant and lactating mammary glands. The adipose tissue was abundant and surrounded the small groups of ducts in prepubertal and...

Awareness campaign and mitigation strategies on climate change: A university of northern Philippines initiative
Manuel Bajet, Jr., Joussie B. Bermio, Crizzle B. Paz and Junel Bryan Bajet

This study focused on the initiatives of the University of Northern Philippines (UNP) on awareness campaign and development of research-based technologies as mitigating strategies to climate change. Awareness on climate change was conducted to several communities to increase awareness especially the refrigerant and air conditioning sector in Region I and in Northern Luzon. The campaign was done through seminars, for a and IEC distribution on developed technologies as a means of...



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