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August 2013

Prevalence of sigatoka disease of banana in major growing areas of Karnataka, India
Noorulla, H., Naik, M. K., Gururaj Sunkad and Amaresh, Y.S.

The survey conducted in the seven major banana growing districts of Karnataka implied occurrence of disease in all growing areas. However, incidence varied with the location, cultivar used and also climatic conditions prevailing. Of the seven districts taken into account, Mandya district recorded maximum disease incidence and was followed by Dharwad, Uttara Kannada, Haveri, Koppal and Gulbarga. Least incidence was recorded in Raichur district. Survey gave an insight that, occurrence of...

Adsorption kinetics of acid brown dye from aqueous solution using bio waste
Pandima Devi, M. and Muthukumaran, C.

This study was carried out with the utilization of chicken feathers as adsorbent for the removal of acid brown dye from its aqueous solutions. Batch studies were conducted to evaluate the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent (chicken feathers) on the dye with respect to variations in different parameters like pH, contact time, temperature, amount of adsorbent and concentration of adsorbent. The effective pH for better adsorption of acid brown on chicken feathers was found to be 2....

Assessment of farmer perception of use of women extension agents in technology transfer in Imo state, Nigeria
Chukwu, A. O.

The study assessed farmer perception of women extension agents participation in technology transfer, ascertained farmers recommendation on the participation of women extension agents, and identified constraints associated with women extension agents participation in technology transfer. Simple random and purposive sampling techniques were adopted in selecting 120 contact farmers in the study area. A set of structured questionnaire was used to obtain the primary data which was analyzed using...

On the con-s-normal (T+H) circulants and skew-circulants
Krishnamoorthy, S. and Raja, R.

A matrix A is called a (T+H) circulants (skew-circulants) if A can be represented as a sum of a conventional (that is, Toeplitz) and a Hankel circulants (respectively, skew circulants). A complete description of the sets of con-s-normal (T+H) circulants and skew circulants is given.

The relationship between food intake, basal metabolic rate and morphology in reproducing mice, Mus musculus
Kagya-Agyemang, J. K. and Speakman, J. R.

Sixty virgin female (MF1) mice were used as model to study the relationship between food intake, basal metabolic rate and morphology in reproducing animals. The mice were divided into three (3) experimental groups made up of a control group that were not mated, a mated group allowed to proceed to peak gestation, and a mated group allowed to proceed to peak lactation. Fifteen (15) female mice were selected at random from each of the three experimental groups and these were used for basal...

High performance computing for satellite data processing and analyzing – A review
Mamta Bhojne, Abhishek Chakravarti, Anshu Pallav, Sivakumar, V.

High Performance Computing (HPC) is the recently developed technology in the field of computer science, which evolved due to meet increasing demands for processing speed and analyzing/processing huge size of data sets. HPC brings together several technologies such as computer architecture, algorithm, programs and system software under one canopy to solve/handle advanced complex problems quickly and effectively. It is a crucial element today to gather and process large amount of satellite (...

Is lake banjara on the verge of death?
Mary Esther Cynthia Johnson and Olive Kezia Ruth

This paper focuses on Lake Banjara situated in Hyderabad Metropolis. Lakes are disappearing because of man’s indiscriminate encroachment of its catchment area and dumping of untreated sewage etc. In the year 2012, Nitrates, Phosphates, Chlorides, Silicates, Total Solids and Oxidisable Organic Matter were studied. These parameters were compared to the work done during the years 1980, 1990 and 1998. The accumulation of these parameters for one year is calculated. The highest rate of...

Dissolution mechanism studies of rock phosphates of hahotoé- kpogamé (Togo) by the natural humic substances
Koriko Moursalou, Bafai D. Dihéénane, Tchegueni Sanonka, Koledzi Komi Edem, El Meray Mohamed, Tchangbedji Gado, Hafidi Mohamed and Sarakha...

In the framework of natural phosphate of Hahotoé-Kpogamé (Togo) valorization, a conductimetric study of kinetics of the attack by organics and mineral acids is undertaken at different pH. The mechanisms of complexation of calcium by two humic acids, one extracted in a soil (AHSB) and second in compost (AHC) was carried out. Monitoring of rock dissolution has realised by P2O5 measurement in filtrates, using colorimetric method. The complexation of two humic acids of different origins with...

Two-stage oscillator mechanism for operating a reciprocating pump
Nikhade, G. R., Patil, R.U. and Bansal, S. P.

This paper presents the conceptual mechanism to run the reciprocating pump by the two-stage oscillator. It provides the energy required to lift the water from a tank placed approximately 2.5 meter below the ground level. Basic application of the mechanism will be for watering the garden which will be operated by means of opening and closing of entrance gate. Paper consists of basic concept, design of pump and two-stage oscillator mechanism and fabrication of the model.



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