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May 2011

A study on curiosity of ix standard students in relation to their emotional stability
Lilly Epsy Bai, S. and Uma Maheswari, P.

For the study on Curiosity and emotional stability of IX standard students, 900 students were collected by random sampling technique. Rural and Urban and boys and girls of high schools in Madurai district were taken. Normative method was used to collect the data. This study revealed that: 1.There is no significant difference in the curiosity of boys and girls students. 2. There is significant difference in the curiosity of rural and urban school students.3. There is significant difference in...

Extremely prolonged hiv seroconversion to estimate the expected time through generalized rayleigh distribution
Subramanian, C. and Rajivgandhi, R.

Since the beginning of HIV/AIDS, epidemic mathematicians and statisticians have developed models to describe and predict the course of the infection. Tools were derived from the firmly established theory of epidemic modeling, although some adjustments became necessary, because of specific characteristics of HIV infection. The time to cross antigenic diversity threshold of the infected person is a vital event in seroconversion. The expected time to attain the seroconversion period is...

Isolation and characterization of microorganisms involved in degradation of sawdust waste in rivers state, Nigeria
Eze, V.C., Uzoaru, N. and Agwung-Fobellah, D.

The isolation and characterization of microorganisms involved in the degradation of sawdust waste in Rivers State was carried out. The sawdust waste samples were collected from various locations in Rivers State. The media used were nutrient agar for total aerobic plate count, Sabouraud dextrose agar for fungal count, MacConkey agar for coliform count and cellulolytic medium for cellulolytic count. The pour plate technique was employed. Colonial morphology, Gram staining and tests biochemical...

Genetic diversity of scorodophloeus fischeri in the coastal forests of Tanzania
Mligo, C.

Tanzanian coastal forests are diverse in endemic plant species, Scorodophloeus fischeri being among them. It was aimed to investigate the genetic diversity of S. fischeri within and among populations. The total genomic DNA was extracted from young leaves of S. fischeri using CTAB procedures and then determined genetic diversity using PCR-RAPD markers.
73.19% of 97 scorable bands were polymorphic. UPGMA showed three clusters, each being a distinct population. Partitioning...



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