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January 2011

A new simple method for hydrogen atom and molecule ion in momentum space with using dirac delta functions
Binesh, A., Arabshahi, H. and Sadremomtaz, A.

We introduce a new simple method with using delta function interactions to compute the exact momentum representation wave function for Hydrogen atom as well as the Hydrogen molecule. Finally, we use Maple R.8 to plot the curves and discuss about the results with some interesting points, which we find in the limits.

Assessment of nutritional status and imparting diet counselling on selected transgenders in Coimbatore city
Sridevi Sivakami, PL and Veena K.V

The term “transgender” is used as an umbrella to describe people who “have gender identities, expressions or behaviors not traditionally associated with their birth sex”. MTF and FTM are the two gender identities which have been widely noted in transgender literature. The study aims at unraveling the nutritional status of the selected transgender in Coimbatore city. One hundred and twenty subjects from the age group of 20-70 years were selected from the locale by using Convenience sampling...

Stress management in adolescents
Venmathi, A.

Adolescence is a time in ones’ life when the mind expands and lives on joyful emotions. They need to be prepared to handle life’s challenges. Adolescents are exposed to very stressful life events. Stress reactions of adolescents have to be managed. These reactions can be handled with support from care givers, friends, and teachers. One such attempt was made through this study to create awareness among adolescents. The factors leading to stress were identified, the type and level of stress...

A comparative study on determining the efficacy of salt precipitation and biphasic system in the extraction of...
Sankaran, K., Vadanasundari, V., Hemavathy, R.V. and Thirunavukkarasu, A.

Purification of bromelain from wet Ananus comosus latex by extraction in aqueous two-phase system was studied and compared with the traditional procedure involving a two-step salt precipitation. The bromelain obtained by the latter method was usually contaminated with other proteins, and its purity was dependent on the initial protein concentration in the material used for processing. Highly pure bromelain was obtained in a much shorter processing time directly from the stem than the fruit...



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