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July 2017

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Antimicrobial activity of selected ethnomedicinal plants used in skin diseases by paliyar tribe of southern western ghats, Puliangudi, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India
Bharathajothi, P., Jegadeesan, M. and Bhaaskaran, C.T.

The medicinal plants used in skin diseases by Paliyar tribe were selected for the screening of its antimicrobial potential. The antimicrobial activities of the ethanolic extract of Alseodaphne semicarpifolia and Indigofera aspalathoides were tested against three bacterial pathogens causing skin infections viz., Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa as well as three fungal pathogens of skin infections namely Candida albicans,...

GC-MS analysis and in Silico docking analysis of extracts of Acacia torta craib
Latha, R., Mujeera Fathima and Ganesan, S.

Acacia torta Craib. has many medicinal values and its drug like ability against skin infections caused by bacteria was done. Initially, the ethanolic extract of the plant was subjected to GC-MS analysis to identify the compounds present in the sample. Then, lead compounds were screened to be used for docking with iGEMDOCK. Docking was done for the lead compounds against the human penicillin binding protein to check their effectiveness in inhibiting the receptor. Ethanolic extract from...

Philosophy of technology and its foundational principles
Reena Thakur Patra

This paper discusses philosophy of technology as a critical, reflective examination of the nature of technology as well as the effects and transformation of technologies upon human knowledge, activities, societies and environments (Umwelt). The aim of philosophy of technology is to understand, evaluate and criticize the ways in which technologies reflect, as well as change the human life individually, socially and politically. Technology usually means the...

Evaluation of biowaste, chemical fertilizers and natural fertilizers and fuels on germination of seeds
Rubina Gilani, Archana, S., Radha, K. and Sirisha, D.

Different germination experiments were carried to evaluate the germination and seedling growth by different type of synthetic fertilizers and also studied the impact of fuels on germination. The soil was treated with urea, cow dung, vermin compost, oil, petrol, charcoal wood chips and DAP. The results showed germination is enhanced in case of wood chips, vermi compost, charcoal added soil samples. The urea and oil are not favourable for germination. DAP showed favourable results to certain...

Nanomedicine- the solution to modern medicine’s unsolved problems
Niha Naveed

Developments in nanomedicine are expected to provide solutions to many of modern medicine's unsolved problems. The great appeal of nanomedicine lies in its promise of using the unique properties of nanoscale materials to address some of the most challenging problems of medical diagnosis and therapy. Applications of nanotechnology for treatment, diagnosis, monitoring, and control of biological systems has recently been referred to as “nanomedicine” by the National Institutes...

Cluster-based energy efficient protocol for wireless sensor networks
Chalapathi Rao, Y. and Dr. Ch. Santhi Rani

The cluster-based technique is one of the good perspectives to reduce energy consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The lifetime of WSNs is maximized by using the uniform cluster location and balancing the network load between the clusters. This paper presents a simulation analysis of how the maximum number of retransmissions impacts the reliability of data transmission, the energy consumption of the nodes and the end-to-end communication delay in the IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee beacon-...

The role of indian major carps in human diet with special reference to protein
Amit D. Jadhav

The four fishes were selected for the study of protein includes Catla catla, Labeo rohita, Cirrihinus mrigala, Cyprinus carpio from the Nathsagar region, Tal. Paithan dist. Aurangabad, from the present estimation. The experimental fishes were collected in the live condition in the local fresh water sources brought to the laboratory. The fishes of similar size were selected. Lowry’s ‘C’ method is used to calculate the protein value in muscle...

Topographical distribution of laryngeal cancer
Rajnee Malhotra, Sumeet Angral, Ritu Raj and Deepakshi Angral

INTRODUCTION: Laryngeal cancer which is about 2% of all the malignancies occupies an important position amongst all head & neck cancers, since it effects speech and language. Laryngeal carcinoma is predominantly a male disease. The exact cause of laryngeal cancer is unknown. Prognosis is inversely related to N Stage and M stage and persistence of the disease at the primary site. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To evaluate socio- demographic – characteristics, site and subsite distribution of...

Water quality of high population densityareas at the national university of lesotho`s main campus and neighbouring manonyane community
Sunny Aiyuk, Tsaletseng Siimane and Relebohile Hlabana

Given the importance of potable and safe water supplies for human consumption and, especially, given the vulnerability of such supplies where there exist high population densities, this study,from September 2014 to April 2015, assessed the water supplies at the National University of Lesotho and environs, for their potability.Water samples were obtained from different sources on campus, including stand pipes (taps) and tanks across the campus. Samples were also...

Fermentation of tigernut by lactic acid bacteria and tigernut-milk drink fermentation by lactic acid bacteria as a potential probiotic product
Maduka, N., Ire, F. S. and Njoku, H. O.

In recent times several researches have been focusing on non-dairy products as alternative to dairy products for the development of potential probiotic products. Different level of successes have been achieved in that regard. Fermentation of sterilized tigernut by 3 Log10CFU/g lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolated from ogi resulted in higher LAB count (5.17-7.34 Log10CFU/g) than using unsterilized tigernut (4.76-5.41 Log10CFU/g). However, there was slight...

New topologies of kalman filters for dynamic power system estimation
Arpit Khandelwal, Akash Saxena and Ankush Tandon

Power system state estimation requires error less data to estimate the exact states of the power system. The Estimation process is done by Energy Management System (EMS) at the control centre with the help of estimated data. In practical conditions, collected data contain the measurement and process errors. These errors are due to high speed measuring devices and Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) installed on different buses. Due to communication errors, different filtration techniques are...

Application of nanotechnology in agriculture part 1: soil remediation by using nanotechnology: A Review
Abdelbagi Mohamed Elnour, Elamin Abdelmagid Elamin, Sonay Sözdoğru OK, Abdelkarim Hassan Awad Elkarim and Sadık USTA

Pollution of soils is becoming a major problem in the world and especially, for most of the developed countries of the world. The crops cultivated in polluted soils may be containing a high level of heavy metals and/or toxic materials that can effect on human health. So, it is necessary to use the different technologies to clean up the polluted soil and creates additional lands for agricultural uses. Nanotechnology offers a wide number of smarter and cheaper techniques can be used as...

The pharmacology of western drugs
Dr. John Glynn and Prof. Rashid Bhikha

Western pharmacology is a relatively new scientific discipline, having originated around 150 years ago. It can be divided into two broad categories: pharmacodynamics (the effect drugs have on the body) and pharmacokinetics (the effect the body has upon the drug). This review is concerned with the former: the way drugs exert their pharmacological action. The keystone of Western pharmacology is based on the Receptor Theory, where the drug acts as a “key” to undo a “lock in specific parts of...

Lipid profile changes in Egyptian patients with liver cirrhosis
Tamer R Fouad

Background: Lipid changes are common in cirrhotic patients due to the important role of liver in their synthesis and transport.
Objective: To test lipid profile changes in Egyptian cirrhotic patients and to examine the effect of liver disease severity on these changes.
Methods: Hundred twenty two cirrhotic patients (>18 years) recruited from liver cirrhosis clinic at the National Liver Institute, University of Menoufyia from 2015 to 2017 were reviewed to identify their lipid...

Assessment of some heavy metals from the groundwaters of lahj Governorate, Yemen
Mohammed Saeed Md. Ali, and Dipak B. Panaskar

Heavy Metals Pollution denotes any metal component that possesses a relative high density and belongs to aset of metals and metalloids with atomic density more than 4g/cmᶾ. The problem of water pollution by heavy metals is worldwideparticularlyin developing countries. The extensive risk of water pollution isbecause ofmodern technology, civilization and industrialization. The Groundwater, which is an important water supply source, getting contaminated by heavy metals is...

Ethnobotanial study of some important medicinal plants of shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir (India)
Zakir Hussain Khanday and Dr. Sumer Singh

The Shopian district is floristically very rich having both deciduous and evergreen forests which harbors wide range of biological biodiversity. The tribals of the area are GujjarandBakerwals. Paharisand shepherds (Chopans) also have living habits more or less like thetribals. They have many things common to each other. These tribals and some local people have been traditionally using native plants for the alleviation of several ailments. These people either cannot afford costly mode of...

Study of seasonal concentration of spm, rspm, so2 and nox in the ambient air of Rewa City (M.P.), India
Arpana Mishra and Riya Shrivastava

This study was undertaken to assess the ambient air quality status and seasonal variations of ambient air pollutants SPM, RSPM, SO2 and NOX at eleven different sites in Rewa city. According to air quality surveys the levels of average value of RSPM, SO2 and NOX in sampling site are well within prescribed limits, whereas average concentrations of SPM in the ambient air of the Rewa city are above the permissible limits as per National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and Central Pollution...

Malaria: An epidemic in Assam
Naba Jyoti Saikia

The study primarily deals with malaria disease and the scenario of malaria in the world as well as in India and Assam. The general symptoms of man suffering from malaria parasite are paroxysms of chills, fever, headache, pain and vomiting. The most important risk factors of malaria incidence are host and environmental factors. In Assam, both Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax occur in abundance, but Plasmodium falciparum (the killer parasite) accounts for > 60% of the cases. ....

On the clifford hamilton formulation of symplectic mechanics using frame and co-frame fields
Gebreel Mohammed Khur Baba Gebreel and 2Mohammed Ali Bashir

In this paper using the frame fields i_X=X^(an+i) ∂/(∂x_(an+i) ) ,a=0,1,2,…,7 instead of the Hamiltonian vector field in the Clifford Hamiltonian formulation we verified the generalized form of Hamilton equation which is in conformity with the results that have been obtained previously.

Quantum plasma condensate as new source of energy: The operation principle of the plasma ultraviolet laser
Kulakov, A.V. and Tyutyunnik, V.M.

A fundamentally new direction in the theory and technology of the non-ideal plasma was developed. Researches have made it possible to predict and confirm the existence of fundamentally new state of matter, which is quantum plasma condensate, which combines the traits inherent in normal fluid and signs characteristic of ionized plasma in the usual sense. Quantum plasma condensate is a renewable, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative energy source. This source is the only ecology...

Role of functioning food security channel in achieving household food security in South Sulawesi
Ratnawati Siata

The provision of food as one of food security subsystem has five basic character namely (1) Capacity; (2) equity; (3) independence; (4) reliability (5) sustainability. The availability of food in a community can be met from two source alternatives. First, food sourced from domestic production. Second, food obtained from other sources ie from imports. Food security at household level is the result of influence of two sources, so it is necessary to increase production of sustainable...

Foreign direct investment in Indonesia and its role to economic growth (vector autoregressive model approach)
Siti Hodijah, Syamsurijal Tan,Haryadi and Syaparuddin

This study aimed to analyze Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and relationship with economic growth with the other problems: First, the influence of foreign investment in Indonesia to economic growth in the long term, second, how the relationship between Foreign Investment and economic growth in Indonesia, and third, how the response due to changes in foreign investment to economic growth. This study uses analysis of Vector Autoregressive Model (VAR). The results of this research note that...

Clinical breast examination among women in coastal regions of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh
Subhashini, N., Bhanu Param Jyothi, B., Dr. Indira Arumugam and Tejaswi, V

Clinical breast examination (CBE) seeks to detect breast abnormalities or evaluate early stage breast cancer which is the most common female malignancy and commonly associated with high levels of morbidity and mortality in developing countries due to late presentation. The present cross sectional study was conducted for identifying the breast abnormalities among women residing at coastal regions of Nellore. 220 samples were selected by simple random sampling technique. Socio demographic...

Synthesis and characterization of epoxy resin modified with vegetable oil and organically modified clay
Thamaraichelvi, C., Gayathri, M. and Nandini, J.

A new class of green nanocomposites has been developed by reinforcing clay into the triglyceride based epoxy resins. Epoxidised biopolmer nanocomposites were synthesized from epoxidized palm oil and organomontmorillonite (OMMT) clay using an in situ polymerization reaction. OMMT was prepared using Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide. A stoichiometric amount of epoxidised palm oil was mixed with diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A, diaminodiphenylmethane and organo montmorillonite(OMMT) in proper...

Review: carbohydrates chemistry
Fathia, M. I. and Mubark, E.O.

Carbohydrates are the most abundant organic compounds in the plant world. They are natural products, produced by photosynthesis processes in plants. They act as storehouses of chemical energy (glucose, starch, and glycogen), they are components of supportive structures in plants (cellulose), crustacean shells (chitin), and connective tissues in animals (acidic polysaccharides); and they are essential components of nucleic acids (D-ribose and 2-deoxy-D-ribose (DNA and RNA)) and for energy...

Assessment of water quality of a pond ecosystem using biological water quality criteria
Sarma, B. K. and Baruah, B. K.

The present study evaluated the water quality of Dighali Pukhuri, a freshwater pond ecosystem in Guwahati city, using Biological Water Quality Criteria (BWQC). The study determined water quality class of the sampling site taking into accounts of both Saprobic score and diversity score of aquatic insects using BWQC. Sampling was done in monsoon, post-monsoon, winter and pre-monsoon seasons during the year 2010-11 and 2011-12. Results of the study were compared with BWQC to assign different...



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