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February 2017

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Term prom: active versus expectant management
Janhavi Mukkharya and Dr. Inamdar

Background: Premature rupture of membranes (PROM) refers to the loss of integrity of membranes before onset of labor, with resulting leakage of amniotic fluid and establishment of communication between the amniotic cavity and the endocervical canal and vagina. Premature rupture of membranes (PROM) complicates 5-10 % of pregnancies. Approximately 60-70 % of term PROM cases are followed by the onset of labor within 24 hours. Diagnosis and proper management is very important. In spite of many...

The effectiveness of call technology for improving pronunciation among efl students in schools in Saudi Arabia
Abduh Almashy

This paper discusses the potential benefits of employing Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for improving the pronunciation of English as a Foreign Language students in Saudi Arabia. The paper starts with a review of the available literature. It then goes on to examine two main aspects related to the use of CALL, namely whether using CALL is effective for developing clear pronunciation and what students feel about using this type of computer program for second language learning. The...

Dominance is more justified than abundance to calculate importance value index (IVI) of plant species
Bhadra, A.K. and Pattanayak, S.K.

Abundance and dominance are two aspects of the plant species diversity dynamics, often considered interchangeably together with frequency and density to estimate Importance Value Index (IVI). The weightage of the use of abundance or dominance for IVI has been explored through a study of abundance-dominance directed species dynamics on the Gandhamardan hill of western Odisha in the altitudinal range 340-960m. In total 232 plant species were documented. Large number of species have higher...

Influence of exogenous estradiol on the lipids profile, ast, alt and alp of intact and castrated male rabbits
Tamour Elkhier, Shams-Eldein Hassaballa and ShadiaAbdo-Elatti Omer

This study was conducted to investigate the changes on lipids profiles, AST, ALT and ALP enzymes of (intact and castrated) males rabbits due to exposure to estradiol benzoate via intramuscular injection routeeach alternative day for 30 days period. The result of this study shown that the injection of estradiol benzoate at doses of 40, 80 and 120 µgm/ rabbit intramuscularly were not induced any significant (P˃0.05) changes on lipids profile of intact and castrated male rabbits while HDL was...

Introduction of picture archiving and communication system at district general hospital trincomalee: Issues and challenges
Dr. Pragash Rajendiren, Dr. Sinniah Manoagaran and Dr. Thuraisamy Thavakodyraja

Background: The introduction of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) at District General Hospital (DGH) Trincomalee has ensured the timely availability of radiological images, increased scope for precise diagnosis and thus promoting the effective patient management, but it was an uphill task. This research illustrates the issues, challenges and the barriers that were encountered by the project team during its implementation and thereafter.
Methods: This was an...

Formulation and quality assessment of curry leaf soup powder by using dehydrated peas powder as a thickening agent
Janaki, K., Mahalaxmi, S., Malavika, M., Simmi Jain and Nirupa Shyam

Curry leaves are a popular leaf-spice used in very small quantities for their ability to improve digestion. They are natural flavouring agents and have various health benefits like antioxidant properties, ability to control diarrhoea, indigestion and so on. This study aims at development and quality assessment of soup using curry leaves. Curry leaves and other ingredients were dried using a traydrier at appropriate time and temperatures. The vegetables which were mature and fresh were...

Study on development of flat wheat noodles using bauhinia variegata leaves
Malavika, M., Janaki, K. and Lakshmi Priya, S.

This study aims at development and quality assessment of bauhinia Variegata noodles. Bauhinia Variegata is a leaf with high medicinal properties. Bauhinia Variegata is known by several names such as Kanchnar, Sivappu Mantharai and mountain ebony. The experimental product was formulated using wheat flour, egg, bauhinia Variegata leaves. The experimental product was formulated in three variations (V1, V2 and V3). Different cooking methods and ingredients were used in the variations. The...

Detection and removal of high density salt and pepper noise from images
Sathya Jose, S.L. and Dr. Sivaraman, K.

Noise is any unwanted component in an image. It is important to eliminate noise in the images before some subsequent processing, such as edge detection, image segmentation and object recognition. This work mainly concentrates on automatic detection and efficient removal of impulse (salt and pepper) noise. For automatic detection of impulse noise, a method based on probability density function is proposed. The basic idea of automatic detection is that the difference between the probabilities...

Detection and removal of impulse noise for cattle identification using fuzzy methods
Anusha Edwin and Jerrin Thomas Panachakel

Muzzle patterns of cattle are uneven features of their skin surface. They are different from each other like finger prints of human. Hence these muzzle patterns can be used to identify cattle. Noise is any unwanted component in an image. It is important to eliminate noise in the images before some sub-sequent processing such as edge detection, image segmentation and pattern recognition. This paper proposes a method for salt and pepper noise removal based on mathematical methods using fuzzy...

Synthesis and biological activities of analogs of aryl tetralone
Chaitramallu, M., Devaraju kesagodu, Dakshayini chandra shekarachar and Dr. Ranjini

The aryl tetralone as potential antimitotic agents were synthesized in four step reactions using Grignard reagent. The first step is the synthesis of trimethoxy phenyl naphthol (2a-f) by the reaction of substituted tetralone with 3, 4, 5-trimethoxy 1-bromobenzene in magnesium metal using tetrahydrofuran as a solvent. The resulted phenyl naphthol was hydrogenated to give phenyl tetralin 3(a-f). The substituted phenyl tetralone were prepared by the oxidation of trimethoxy phenyl tetralin 4(a-f...

Formulation and quality characteristics of mocktail squash
Sandhya, P.S., Akshaya, S. and Usha Ravi

The current study is aimed at formulating a mocktail squash and to assess its physico-chemical and sensory characteristics. The squash was formulated using watermelon and pineapple. Fresh watermelon and pineapple juice were extracted. The fruit juices were mixed in the ratio of 3:2. Squash was formulated from juice, sugar and distilled water in the ratio 1:1.5:1. The formulated squash was evaluated on its physico chemical properties like pH, titratable acidity, reducing sugars and total...

Formulation of chocolate icecream using germinated brown rice milk
Anjana, R., Mahalaxmi, S., Sandhya, P.S. and Lakshmypriya, S.

Ice cream is a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products Brown rice milk is a useful dairy substitute. During the process of germination, Gama Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) levels and the amount of important nutrients like calcium, fibre and potassium have been known to increase. The study aimed at formulating Germinated Brown Rice (GBR) milk ice cream as a non-dairy substitute, to be consumed by the people who are lactose intolerant and those who are allergic to soy. The GBR ice cream...

Utilization of tomato peel powder as a natural thickener in soups
Sandhya, P.S., Anjana, R., Simmi Jain and Nirupa Shyam Mogili

Tomato peel contains large amount of polysaccharides such as fiber and pectin, which represents potential materials to be used as ingredient in the food industry. The peels from fresh and sound tomatoes were carefully removed and dried in a tray drier at 80ºC for 6 hours, cooled, milled and sieved. Tomato soup was prepared using tomato peel as a thickener. Bulk density, swelling power, water absorption and oil absorption capacity of the peel powder was 10, 4.56, 6.16 and 7.83 respectively....

Anjana, R., Sandhya, P.S., Simmi Jain and Nirupa Shyam Mogili

Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) belongs to the family moraceae, Mulberry family.The seeds of which are used in several culinary operations. Seeds were sun-dried, roasted and ground to a fine powder. Ladoo was prepared using JSF. Bulk density, swelling power, water absorption and oil absorption capacity of the JSF was 0.67, 5.24, 7.65 and 8.61 respectively. The overall acceptability of the product was 8.7. Thus, the aim of the study was to formulate a traditional sweet using jackfruit...

Anaesthetic management of emergency caesarean section in a parturient with klippel feil syndrome
Dr. Sharma B. L., Dr. Chatterjee C. S., Dr. Bhati sushil and Dr. Nanda Smridhi

A 20 year old pregnant female with Klippel Feil Syndrome was scheduled for emergency caesarian section during her first pregnancy. We present the successful anaesthetic management of this patient highlighting the various anomalies associated with Klippel Feil Syndrome and the presence of a difficult airway.

Beneficial effect of organic fertilizers on the yield characters, microbial dynamics and soil nutrient status
Tensingh Baliah, N., Andal Priya, S. and Priya, C.

The application of organic fertilizers had a positive effect on yield characters such as number of flower buds, number of fruits and length of fruits in Okra. The results revealed that flower formation was higher in plants amended with organic manure followed by Farmyard manure (FYM). The fruit length and fruit weight were significantly increased with the soil amended with vermicompost. The fruit weight was directly correlated with the harvest index of okra. The organic fertilizers...

A study on intertidal rocky shore fauna in Burmanella, South Andaman
Priyanka Devi, Revathi, K., Senthil Kumari, S. and Subashini, A.

The Andaman & Nicobar coast constitute various ecological habitats that support large groups of marine organisms. These habitats help to unravel the faunal similarities and special features in the faunal composition among regions and habitats examined. The faunal diversity on the rocky shores is generally governed by the tides. The animals on the rocky shore undergo stress due to changing environmental factors. In the present study an attempt was made to study the distribution of marine...

Numerical solution of fourth order ordinary differential equations using fifth order runge – kutta method
HabtamuGaromaDebela and Masho Jima Kabeto

This paper present, fifth order Runge-Kutta method (RK5) for solving initial value problems of fourth order ordinary differential equations. The proposed method is quite efficient and practically well suited for solving these problems. The numerical solutions are in good agreement with the exact solutions. Three model examples (linear and non-linear) are given to demonstrate the reliability and efficiency of the methods. Point wise absolute errors are obtained by using MATLAB software. The...



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