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July 2016

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Categorization of background parenchymal Enhancement: Repeatability and reproducibility
Elisabetta Giannotti, Khodor Haidar Hassan, Abdulcadir Dalmar, Diego De Benedetto, Giulia Bicchierai, Cecilia Boeri, Ermanno Vanzi, Andy Evans and Jacopo Nori

Background: Background parenchymal enhancement (BPE) on breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the amount of enhancing fibroglandular tissue, BPE influences both MRI interpretation and possibly risk of breast cancer. If increased BPE proves to be an important risk factor, then it has the potential to serve as a bio-marker of breast cancer risk.Before BPE can be introduced into clinical practice, data confirming the repeatability and reproducibility of its measurement is required. ....

Water quality indices in Chiplun Town
Raje, G. B., Babar, H. T., Waghmode, S. S. and Disale, S. D.

Chiplun is a rapidly developing town having average annual rainfall of about 3500 mm, with Vashishthi River as the only primary source of water. Because of a typical valley and hilly geographical location, the town is facing the problem of improper and inadequate drainage, leading to contamination of drinking water resources. Hence, eleven spots (A to K) in Chiplun town were selected for monthly collection of water samples during February 2003 to January 2004. The physico-chemical parameters...

Sol gel synthesis and optical characterization of the sralo: Mn nano phosphor
Jisha, V.T. and Suresh, G.

Mn doped SrAlO nano phosphors were synthesized by adopting a simple Sol-Gel Method. X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) profile confirms the monoclinic nature of Mn doped SrAlO nano phosphors. The results show that SrAlO:Mn with an average particle size of 80 nm is formed. In addition, Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) and Fourier-Transform IR spectroscopy (FTIR) were also used to characterize the synthesized phosphor. The efficiency of the prepared...

Vertex-magic total labeling of family of graphs
Asha K. and Vijilius Helena Raj

A vertex- magic total labelling of a (p,q)-graph G with p-vertices and q-edges is defined as one-to-one correspondence by taking vertices and edges onto the integers with the property that the sum of labels on a vertex and the edges incident on it is a constant, independent for all the vertices of graph. In this paper, the properties of these labelings are studies. It explains how to construct labelings for various families of graphs which includes paths, cycles, complete graph of odd...

A short term comparative study of the effectiveness of prp versus steroids in plantar fascitis
Dr Rashmi Sharma and Dr. Arnab Sinha

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. Various treatment options are available, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroid injections, orthosis, and physiotherapy. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection has emerged as a treatment alternative for many musculoskeletal conditions. To date, there is no single treatment supported by the highest level of evidence. High-quality studies involving double-blinded, placebo-controlled randomised controlled...

Interstate migration and employment in the manufacturing and unorganized sectors in the border areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka
Dnyandev C. Talule

Interstate movement of people for livelihood is an unrestricted phenomenon in India. About ten lac people per month leave behind their place of birth in search of employment opportunities and betterment of livelihood. Maharashtra being one of the vital destinations of interstate migration for the workers both the intra and interstate migration in the state have changed the rural-urban composition of its population. About 49 per cent of the state population lives in urban areas particularly...

Structures of epithelia found in martian lafayette meteorite
Liangtai Lin

Structures of epithelia were found in two electron images of the Mars meteorite Lafayette. One image shows structures of pseudostratified columnar epithelium, and the other image shows structures of simple cuboidal epithelium. These structures may not be biotic in origin if they are separately considered on the cellular level. However, inorganic material has not been reported to match these structures when integrated at the tissue level. No terrestrial minerals have been found in this...

Biosorption of lead (ii) from aqueous solutions by three fungal biomasses
Ismael Acosta-Rodríguez, Adriana S. Rodríguez-Pérez, Víctor M. Martínez-Juárez, Juan F. Cárdenas-González, José F. Navarro-Castillo, and María Eugenia Torre-Bouscoulet

The bio sorption of lead (II) on three fungal biomasses: Mucor rouxii-1, Mucor rouxii-2, and Aspergillusflavus were studied in this work. It was found that the biomassesof the three fungiwere very efficient removing the metal in solution, using Dithizone, reaching the next percentage of removals: 96.1%, 91.5%, and 57%, for M. rouxii-1, M. rouxii-2, and A. niger, respectively. The highest adsorption was obtained at pH 4.0-5.0, at 28°C after 24 hours of incubation, with 1 g/100 mL of fungal...

Detection of changes applied to plexiglas beam: The efficiency of global methods using eigenmodes finite element modeling (fem)
Alaa Hamze, Ahmad El-Hajj, Khodor Haidar Hassan and Hussein Mortada

In this paper, we will focus on testing several global methods using the variation of the mode shapes and frequencies between a damaged and undamaged condition. Several methods found in the scientific literature will be applied to a theoretical bending beam, modeled using Finite Element Method. In order to test the efficiency of the method for detection the single damage position are tested.

Martian microbes formed OOIDS on MARS
Liangtai Lin

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity discovered plentiful indigenous spherical ooids at High Dune and Namib Dune in Bagnold dune field, Gale Crater, Mars. Closely resembling ooids of Earth, the Martian ooids are spherical in shape, similar in size, mostly about 0.5 mm in diameter. Colors of the Martian ooids are various, including white, yellow translucent, green, grey, and yellow. The Martian ooids should have been formed by microbes, because ooids of Earth have recently been found to be formed by...

Influence of sucralose and stevia on the physicochemical properties of free sugar chocolate
Laura T. Rodríguez Furlán, Yanina Baracco, Noemi Zaritzky, Mercedes E. Campderrós

The purpose of this work was study the influence of the replacement of sucrose by the combination of sucralose (Su) and Stevia (St) for development of formulations of white chocolate suitable for diabetics. The use of a mixture experimental design allowed the modeling of system from kinetic studies of thermal degradation, which showed that binary combinations of Stevia with sucrose had synergistic effects since the sample, presented a high shelf-life time (75%St+25%Su) than the samples...

Effect of dietary supplementation of non starch polysaccharide hydrolyzing enzymes on performance of broilers reared on sub-optimal diets
Nikam, M.G., Ravinder Reddy, V. Raju, M.V.L.N., Rama Rao, S.V., Kondal Reddy, K. and Narasimha, J.

Three hundred one-day old Ven-Cobb straight run commercial broiler chicks were supplemented with the non starch polysaccharide hydrolyzing enzymes at 1X higher concentration (HC) viz. (xylanase, ß-D-glucanase, cellulase, mannanase and pectinase @ 2400, 4800, 1800, 4800, and 2400 IU/kg respectively. The similar enzyme combination was supplemented @ 4800,9600,3600,9600 and 4800 IU/kg respectively as 2X (HC) to the corn + soybean meal based diets having sub-optimal (-100 Kcal) energy levels....

A secure 2 layer lsb based audio steganography using huffman coding
1Ratul Chowdhury, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay and Anirban Das

In this paper we present a novel audio steganography method where the concept of Huffman coding and sparse matrixhas been introduced. The proposed method has reduced the secret message using Huffman coding and in next phase it exploits the sparse representation of the reduced string to embed secret message into higher semantic level of the cover audio file.For embedding purpose,the traditional LSB method has been used. The proposed method maintains both the stego signal quality and...

Bio-patterns and larval ontogeny of Papilio polytes (L.) on seven different host plants of rutaceae family
Kola Ellarao, Goddu Sujan Chandar and Janaki Bai Atluri

The Papilionidae butterfly Papilio polytes (L.) (Common Mormon) it occurs throughout the year. The larval ontogeny and Bio-patterns of Papilio polytes was studied at Andhra University campus using the leaves of seven host plants of M. koenigii, C. limettioides, C. aurantiifolia, C. aurantium, C. sinensis, C. limon and A. marmelos (Rutaceae) the larval host, both in laboratory and in the natural conditions. They eggs lay on the main host plant of Murrayya koenigii. The behavior and...

A concise review on “Mamajjaka” (enicostoma littorale)
Amit Vaibhav and Singh, O. P.

Enicostoma littorale (Mamajjaka) is an uncommon drug described in Ayurvedic sculptures as “Rishyagandha” belongs to the family Gentianaceae. In Ayurveda it is used solely or in different medicinal preparations as an ingredient, proven its immense medicinal potential. Though it is a popular drug of Ayurvedic doctors but Its detail description found only in Nighantus (Ancient ayurvedic herbal pharmacopeia). Majmajjaka is a very bitter drug prescribed mostly in Madhumeha (Diabetes mellitus),...

Nyctanthes arbortristis linn: A review of pharmacological profile
Matadeen Bharti and Rahul Saxena

Since ancient ages plants have served human beings as a natural source of treatments and therapies, amongst them medicinal herbs have gained attention because of its wide use and less side effects. More than 15000 plants have been studied during the last 5 years period. Inspite of many synthetic compounds, the most efficient drugs available are directly or indirectly related with the plant kingdom. Many of the plant extracts have proven to possess pharmacological actions. This review...

Language lateralization in the human brain: A rapid review of the literature
Abduh Almashy

This paper offers a brief overview of how the human brain lateralizes language. The link between the brain and linguistic learning is a fascinating but challenging field of study. This paper offers evidence to substantiate the theory regarding language lateralization in the brain and provides a cohesive yet clear summary of the most significant forms of lateralization of the considerable number that have been identified.

Bacterial Nano-network optimization using wireless adhoc sensors
Praveen Kumar, S., Dr. Ramesh, R. and Jenifer Johnsi, J.

Molecular communication is a paradigm for Nanomachines to exchange information. Due to some of the biological properties, bacteria have been proposed as a carrier for molecular communication, such communication networks are known as bacterial Nanonetworks. The biological property of bacteria is ability to mobilize using chemo-taxis process and carry the information encoded in deoxyribonucleic acid molecules. Bacteria have social characteristic, which provides bacteria to evolve in...

Antibacterial evaluation of ethoxy-oxime schiff base ligand and its metal complexes
Abdou Saad El-Tabl, Moshira Mohamed Abd El-wahed, Samar Ebrahim Abd-El Razek, Alekandra M. Dabrowska and Sabreen Mohamed El- Gamasy

New octahedral Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) complexes of ethoxy-oxime ligand have been prepared and characterized using elemental analyses, IR, UV-Vis spectra, Magnetic moments, Conductances, 1H-NMR and Mass spectra (ligand and it Zn(II) complex), Thermal analyses (DTA and TGA) and ESR measurements. The IR data show that, the ligand behaves as monobasic bidentate or neutral bidentate. Molar conductances in DMSO indicate that, the complexes are non-electrolytes....

Cystatin c a real-time biomarker for Glomerularfiltration rate in critically-ill patients with end stage liver disease
Elsayed Mohamed Abdelaal, Elsayed Shaaban Tharwa, M.Ashraf Eljaky, Sherif abbas and Eman A Amer

Introduction: Parameters allowing regular evaluation of renal function in critically-ill patients such as serum creatinine and blood urea are not optimal. Sudden changes in glomerular filtration rate (GFR) are not followed by parallel changes in serum creatinine and are at risk of developing renal dysfunction.
The aim of study: was to analyze the utility of serum cystatin C as a real-time biomarker of renal function in critically-ill patients with end stage liver disease (ESLD).

A new suggestion about existing of membrane -Redoxy potential three state line system between donators and acceptors inside the living cells
Ambaga, M.

The main role of protons and electrons in the normal functioning of living cells is connected with the membrane -redo xy potential three state line system between donators and acceptors of electrons, protons inside the living cells. During 3,8 billion years lasted formation of the life in the universe have been created the law full process of dependence of any form of life process from protons and electrons, which had formed and joined to make atomic nuclei 15 billion - bya years ago....

Productive and reproductive performance of Red Chittagong Cattle (RCC) in rural rearing system of Bangladesh
Sabuj Kanti Nath, Amith Kumar Dash, Rezaul Alam, Dipon Kumar Bhowmik, Nur E Azam, Shahir Bin Mokbul, Shama Ranjan Barua and Tofazzal Md. Rakib

Red Chittagong Cattle (RCC) is considered as a variety of cattle usually found in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The study was conducted to estimate the productive and reproductive traits of Red Chittagong Cattle (RCC). Five administrative areas were selected from Chittagong district of Bangladesh. The farmers, who were rearing rearing RCC, were subjected to questionnaire based interview. Data was collected with standard questionnaire by face to face interview, farm record sheet and direct...

Ifrs in India: Reasons in favour and against
Dr. Dimple

IFRS would serve to enhance the comparability between financial statements of various companies across the globe. The industry would be able to raise capital from foreign markets at lower cost if they are able to create confidence in the minds of foreign investors that their financial statements comply with globally accepted accounting standards. It would provide professional opportunities to serve international clients and increase their mobility to work in different parts of the world. The...

Studies on the anti-inflammatory activity of schiff base derived compounds
Mandalogu Shashikala Arunadevi, P., Sarangapani, M. and Prasad, M.S.K

Two Schiff bases were synthesized from raceacetophenone: 1) ADS1: 4-ethyl-6-{(E)-1-[(3-nitrophenyl) imino] ethyl} benzene-1, 3-diol and 2) ADS3: 4-ethyl- 6-{(E)-1-[(2-nitrophenyl) imino] ethyl} benzene-1, 3-diol. Then their metal complexes were formed. The metals ions selected for the synthesis of new complexes were Ruthenium and Copper. These complexed Schiff based derived compounds were evaluated for antiinflammatory activity by carragenean induced ratpaw odema method in rats.



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM