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February 2016

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Khalil Mohammad Thabayneh, Lilia Abdullah Mashal and Adnan Mohammad Arar

Indoor radon concentrations (CRn), potential alpha energy concentrations (PAEC), exposure to radon progeny (EP), annual absorbed dose (DRn), annual equivalent dose to the lung (HE) and lung cancer cases per million person (LCC) were estimated in nine hospitals of the southern part of West Bank-Palestine, by using time-integrated passive radon detectors. Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (SSNTD) technique were used for the measurements and carried out in the...

Bone mineral density in celiac disease patients with typical or atypical malabsorption symptoms
Khodor Haidar Hassan, Beatrice Paoli, Mohamad Mortada, Fadi Abdel Sater, Fadwa Berri and Mohamad Ezzedine

It is well known that osteopenia and osteoporosis are frequently found celiac disease patients presenting classical symptoms of malabsorption. A low bone mineral density (BMD) has been found in 70% of celiac disease patients (Meyer D., Stavropolous S., et al. 2001). In a prospective study, Margoni, et al. (2012) reported that approximately 30% of children with celiac disease had BMD below 2.5th percentile of the normal population at the time of diagnosis. (Sharma M, Singh P. et al. 2013)....

Study on structure and extraction of bamboo fiber
Kavitha, S. and Dr. Felix kala, T.

Bamboo fibers are focused as one of substitution for natural plant fibers having many advantages such as low cost, low density, ecologically friendly, sustainability and biodegradability. The purpose of this study is to develop methods extracting bamboo fibers by using mechanical extracting, steam-explosion and alkaline-treatment techniques. The studies has proved that the alkaline-treatment was better than the steam-explosion method to extract bamboo fibers as well for mechanically...

Corrosion studies of silicon carbide particulate reinforced aluminium 7075 metal matrix composites using high temperature autoclave
Rashmi, M. and Pruthviraj, R. D.

The stress corrosion resistance of Aluminium 7075/Silicon carbide metal matrix composites (MMC’s) in high temperature acidic media has been evaluated using an autoclave. The liquid melt metallurgy technique using vortex method was used to fabricate MMC’s. Silicon carbide particulates of 50-80 m in size are added to the matrix. Aluminium 7075 containing 2,4,6 weight percentage of Silicon carbide are prepared. Stress corrosion tests were conducted by weight loss method for different exposure...

A literature study on different types of aluminum alloys with CNC milling machine
Sundaramoorthy, R. and Dr. Ravindran, R.

This paper discuss of the literature review of aluminum alloys on CNC. Now a day’s CNC milling is the most important milling operation, widely used in most of the manufacturing industries due to its capability of producing complex geometric surfaces with reasonable accuracy and surface finish along with flexibility and versatility. Aluminum alloys are used in engineering design chiefly for their light weight, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and relatively low cost. They...

An empirical analysis of the relationship between customer empowerment and marketing performance
Ibrahim Bozaci

Increasing competition, improving in technological and production capabilities, developing in customer rights and consciousness leads customer to be more and easily informed, skilled, effective and behave in organized way throughout purchasing decisions. Changing conditions and assumption can require changing principles and practices. But generally customer empowerment hasn’t been taken attention since powerful parts of transactions have been producers and dealers. It should be investigated...

Study of the snip effect in resonance of hybrid plasmonic nanosandwich structures in optical range
Soad Alsheheri, Marjan Saboktakin and Mohammad Matin

Hybrid plasmonic nanoprisms with and without truncation in the form of gold (Au)-dielectric- silver (Ag) sandwich nano-structureshave been designed and simulated using Finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulation technique. Simulations results show two dipole resonant peaks for the hybrid sandwich structure. Also, a strong wavelength dependence of the plasmonic resonance peaks on the edge length and the thickness of gold and silver layers. The increase in edge length and the decrease in...

An economic reliability test plan for exponentiated fréchet distribution
Rosaiah, K.,2Srinivasa Rao, G. and Sridhar Babu, M.

The exponentiated Fréchet distribution introduced by Nadarajah and Kotz (2006) is considered as a probability model for the lifetime of the product. Sampling plans in which items that are put to test, to collect the life of the items in order to decide upon accepting or rejecting a submitted lot, are called reliability test plans. In this paper, we determine the minimum life test termination time, for various specified acceptance number, sample size and producer’s risk. The prefer ability of...

Concentrations of heavy metal (Fe, Mn, Al, Ni, Ba, Cd, Pb AND Cr) in different fish species collected from wang mengkuang ex-tin mine cave (kepekatan logam berat (Fe, Mn, Al, Ni, Ba Cd, Pb DAN Cr) dalam spesis ikan berbeza dikumpul dari wang mengkuang bek
Ahmad, A. Kutty., and Sarah, A. Al-Mahaqeri

This study examined eight heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Ba, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb and Al) in muscles, bones, and gills of eight fish species, namely Barbonymus tetrazona, Barbonymus schwanenfeldii, Osteochilus hasselti, Mystacoleucus argenteus, Rasbora einthovenii, Danio aequipinnatus, Channa striata and Clarias batrachus using an ICP mass spectrophotometer. The result shows Fe, Mn and Ni were most abundant elements in all fish tissues. All studied elements were detected with highest concentration in bones...

Trend and frequency analysis of annual rainfall (1979-2014) in Makurdi, Nigeria
Martins Okechukwu Isikwue, David Samson Naakaa and Sam Baba Onoja

Rainfall variability over time or trends and frequency of annual rainfall events can only be determined if long records of rainfall events are available. Daily rainfall data recorded for a period of 36 years (1979-2014) from Makurdi was subjected to rigorous statistical analysis such as measures of central tendency and variability, Spearman rank order statistics and Normality test. The results of the analysis indicate that the expected annual rainfall is 1189±192 (mm), and a relatively low...

Identification of drought tolerant high yielding rice genotypes under varying nitrogen level and moisture stress condition
Dhurve, O.P., Khan, I.M. and Richhariya, G.P.

Ten rice genotypes were subjected in to four nitrogen levels under reproductive stage moisture stress condition to know the genotypic variations for Leaf water content (LWC), Leaf water deficit (LWD), Leaf water potential (LWP), Panicle water content (PWC), Leaf rolling (LR) score and yield parameters. LWC (%) was decreased with the crop age in two years and mean maximum relative LWC % was found in IET- 20924. LWD (%) was increased from tillering to flowering stages in rice genotypes and...

Kidney transplant recipients and viral infections in Albania
Marinela Dibra, Kliti Hoti, Myftar Barbullushi, Alketa Koroshi and Alma Idrizi

Aims: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a human virus from the Herpesviridae family, a β-Herpesvirus, with a double strand of DNA. In general, the first infection occurs in childhood, andseroprevalence is 70 to 90% of the adult population1. After the first infection, the presence of the virusmay be identified in such as in solid organtransplants, CMV reactivation may occur, causing avarie spectrum of clinical manifestations. CMV infection is the primary infectious complication in kidney...

Assessment of genetic variability in sesamum (sesamum indicum l.)
Swapan K. Tripathy, D. R. Mishra, S. Panda, N. Senapati, P. K. Nayak, G. B. Dash, S. K. Mohanty, M. R. Mohanty, M. Jena and Kartik Pradhan

Wide array of genetic variation was observed for agro-economic traits among a set of sesamum genotypes. Highest genotypic coefficient of variation was observed in number of primary branches/plant followed by seed yield/plant, number of capsules/plant, number of seeds/capsule and height to first capsule. However, days to initial flowering, capsule breadth and number of seeds/capsules exhibited high heritability coupled with high genetic advance indicating presence of additive gene action for...

Evaluating the efficacy of some plant powders on the bean weevil [callosobruchus maculatus (fabricius) (coleoptera: Bruchidae)] affecting stored cowpea seeds (vigna unguiculata)
Longe O.O.

This study evaluated the comparative efficacy of seven (7) botanical plant powders on the bean weevil [Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)] infesting stored cowpea seeds (Vigna unguiculata) under ambient laboratory conditions in Ado Ekiti, Nigeria. The research was conducted in two separate experiments. In the first experiment, two grams (2g) of each of the seven botanical powders were separately measured into Petri dishes with three (3) replicates and one control...

Inhibition characteristics of novel synthesized amido-amine double tailed cationic surfactants for the acidic corrosion of steel
Abd-El-Nabey, B. A., Fetouh, H. A., Aiad, I., Shaban, S. M., El-Housseiny, S., and Maher, A.

The inhibition effect of three synthesized cationic surfactants (C14C10: N, N-dimethyl-N-(3-tetradecanamidopropyl) decan-1-aminium bromide I, C14C12: N, N-dimethyl-N-(3-tetradecanamidopropyl) dodecan-1-aminium bromide II, and C14C16: N, N-dimethyl-N-(3-tetradecanamidopropyl) hexdecan-1-aminium bromide III) on the corrosion of steel in 1 M HCl solution was investigated using weight loss, potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) techniques at 25 oC. The...

Inventory management by using fifo system
Deepa Sanjay Pandey and Niyati Raut

This research work comprises study of inventory management system. In today’s manufacturing sector inventory storage and management plays an important role for long-term sustainability of that firm. Inventory Management System, answers the question of how much inventory is needed to buffer against the fluctuations in forecast of demand of the customer and supplier deliveries. The major reason for managing inventory is to maximize customer service, Maximize efficiency of purchasing and...

Prescreening of pathogenicity of rice pathogens prior to biological control assay under greenhouse conditions
Hamdia Z. Ali, AbdulRahman AbdulQader A., Ali A. Abdullah, Hutham M. Saood

This study was conducted using rice as the host plant under greenhouse conditions in the agricultural experimental station of the agricultural research directorate in Zafaraniyah, south east of Baghdad to test a local rice variety (cv.) Forat Anbar against causal agents Bipolaris spicifera, Curvularia lunata, Fusarium spp., Nigrospora oryzae, Exserohilum rostratum, Alternaria spp. and Thanatephorus cucumeris. These pathogens were obtained from Rice tissues that were infected by these...

The effect of counterion on the DNA Binding of trans-[Ru(DMSO)2Cl4].(9-aminoacridide), [Ru(DMSO)3Cl3].(N-ethylmorpholine) and [Ru(DMSO)3Cl3]
Jitendra Deka, Okhil Kumar Medhi and Chitrani Medhi

Several acridine and morpholine derivatives are well known for their antimicrobial properties and also for good DNA binding through intercalation. Moreover, dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) molecule contributes to the reduction of cell growth and terminal differentiation of transformed cells. trans-[RuCl4(dmso)2](9-aminoacridine) and [RuCl3(dmso)3](N-ethylmorpholine) were synthesised and DNA binding ability of these complexes were studied. The molecular structure of the complexes was determined...

Vague filter of Lattice Implication Algebras
Reena, K. and Arockiarani, I.

In this paper, the concept of vague filter in lattice implication algebras is introduced, and its properties are discussed. The relation between vague filter and vague prime filter is shown, the equivalent conditions of vague filter are obtained.

Structural and petrophysical evaluation of stacked hydrocarbon reservoir: A Case study of miocene D1, D2, D3, AND D4 sand, Agbada field, Niger delta basin, Nigeria
Opatola, Abraham O., Uche, Peter, Ogbe, Ovie B. and Idjerhe, Wilson O.

Agbada field is located onshore in the Central Swamp Depobelt of the Niger Delta; it is one of the vastly proven oil-producing fields in the region. The Lower to Middle Miocene D1.0, D2.0, D3.0, and D4.0 sands comprise a series of stacked hydrocarbon reservoirs in downthrown block of the Agbada field. The reservoir sandstones were deposited in fluvial to shoreface environments. Five genetic flow units (facies) interpreted from well logs in the absence of core data were identified in the...

Cepstral analysis in children with cleft palate: observations from Pre-post surgery
Thejaswi, D. and Deepika K.

Evidences in hypernasality measurement using traditional acoustic tools remain unreliable because of technological limitations. To overcome these loopholes cepstral analysis was conceived. Hence, the present study investigated to observe any change in cepstral measures before and after cleft palate (CP) surgery. 15 normal subjects and 15 CP subjects within 5-15 years of age participated. Each subject sustained vowel (/a/, /i/ and /u/) phonation for minimum 5 seconds which was directly fed...

Studies on effects of bark extracts of Azadirachtaindica A. (JUSS) on multidrug resistant Salmonella Typhi
Ugboko, H., Mathew, B., Solomon, R., Omonigbehin, E. and De, N.

This investigation was aimed at determining the antimicrobial activity of extracts of stem bark of A. indica A. Juss (neem) on some multidrug resistant Salmonella Typhi isolates obtained from patients suffering from complications of typhoid fever. Preliminary phytochemical and spectrophotometric analysis of acetone and ethanol bark extracts of A. indica revealed the presence of tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, saponins, ketones, phenolic compounds, carboxylic acids, aromatic...

Gserelec# – The most optimized C# implementation of serelec using google
Vishwas Raval and Padam Kumar

World Wide Web has immense resources for all kind of people for their specific needs. Searching on the Web using search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask have become an extremely common way of locating information. Searches are factorized by using either term or keyword sequentially or through short sentences. The challenge for the user is to come up with a set of search terms/keywords/sentence which is neither too large (making the search too specific and resulting in many false negatives)...

Amygdalin contentsinthe raw and heat concentrated juicesfromdifferent species of japaneseapricot (prunusmume) Fruits harvested at mature and immature stages
Isamu Nakano, Hironori Juichi, Takeshi Hamaguchi, Shelake Rahul Mahadev, Masahiro Miyashita, Hisashi Miyagawa, and Eugene Hayato Morita

Many of the organic compounds contained in the fruit of Japanese apricot (Prunusmume), are medicinally useful. However, some of these useful compounds are quite toxic in the excessive consumption. To gain these useful medicinal components efficiently and safely, many processing techniques were developed. One of these is the heat concentration of squeezed mume fruit juice. Heat concentration process concentrated the heat-stable useful components, effectively, and decomposed the heat-...

Geometrically nonlinear mode shapes and resonant frequencies of multi-span beams
Adri Ahmed, Beidouri Zitouni, EL kadiri Mounia and Benamar Rhali

The objective of this paper is to establish the formulation of the problem of nonlinear transverse vibration of uniform multi-span beams, with intermediate simple supports and various boundary conditions. The method used is based on the principle of Hamilton and spectral analysis for nonlinear free vibration occurring at large displacement amplitudes. The problem is reduced to solution of a nonlinear algebraic system using numerical or analytical methods. This has been applied previously to...

Stabilization of subgrade soil and its benefits in term of pavement response
Mr. Atulya Patil, P., Swapnil Raut, A. and Prashant Nagrale, P.

The long term performance of the flexible pavement depends on the soundness of the under laying soils. Unstable soils can create significant problems for pavements and hence need to be stabilized. The purpose of the present research study was to evaluate the benefits of stabilization of subgrade soil in term of pavement response. Silty Gravel Sand and three types of stabilizers i.e. hydrated lime, class F fly ash and polypropylene fibres were selected in the present investigation. The...

Improving the resistance to brown planthopper of a rice restorer line chenghui 727 by molecular-assisted selection
Alberto Leonel Alberto and MOU Tong Min

Five new breeding lines designed as HWQ13001-4-1, HWQ13002-16-1, HWQ13003-4-1, HWQ13004-37-1 and HWQ13005-55-2 harboring Bph14 and Bph15 have been developed from BC3F2 segregated population of Chenghui7273/B5 by Molecular marker-assistant selection (MAS) and gene pyramiding since September 2012 upto July 2015 in Wuhan and Hainan. These developed new lines were evaluated for their resistance to brown plant hopper (BPH) in 2013 and 2014. The results showed that the developed five breeding...

Antagonistic effect of pseudomonas fluorescens on rhizoctonia solani kuhn, causing sheath blight disease in rice
Krishna Kumari, P.

Eleven strains of Pseudomonas fluorescens isolated from rhizosphere soil samples collected from the rice fields affected with sheath blight disease states of India. Biocontrol efficiency was checked against the R. solani, is known as the rice sheath blight fungus. Among the tested strains Pfr1was found to be outstanding one of all other tested isolates Pfr2, Pfr9 and Pfr11 in dual culture. Four strains namely Pfr1, Pfr8, Pfr10, and Pfr11 were found highly inhibiting mycelial growth of the...

Immuno-magnetic beads assay for counting the cells on whole blood
Mohamad Mortada, Khodor Haidar Hassan, Hala khalifeh, Fatima Jebai, Zaher Zeaiter and Mohamad Ezzedine

The aim of this study was a quick separation of CD4 and CD8 subsets in micro-technique; we purpose the procedure, which a dynabeads having low-cost whole blood lymphocytes is counting small volumes of blood and beads, with a shorter incubated times. We were studied the behavior of lymphocyte, we based on a different parameters including a blood dilution, temperature, beads target cells ratio, choice MAbs (affinity), using a comparison of the dynabeads technique with others techniques well...

Hydro-chemical analysis of kshipra river in Ujjain city, Madhya Pradesh, India
Mohammad Rizwan, Ankit Singare and Vinita Kulshreshtha

Kshipra water is used for industrial and irrigation purpose. These Physico-chemical parameters of Wastewater willing off in the river and outlet of ponds of entire Ujjain city were studied. The present study was an attempt for assessment of water quality being polluted by effluents. Selected parameters include pH, temperature, electrical conductivity, total solids (TS), total dissolved solids (TDS), total suspended solids (TSS), dissolved oxygen (DO), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total...

Retrieval of Facial Expressions for Facilitating Crime Investigation
Nabanita Basu, Sanjay Nag, and Dr. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

The role of the emotions is much neglected in legal theory. This should be puzzling at first sight, because emotions play an important role in many areas of the law. Consider the following problems:
A person who kills while angry is usually guilty of a less serious crime than a person who kills in a calm, unemotional state, but not if the anger is caused by hatred rather than shame. First note victims' body language, such as their posture, facial expression, tone of voice, gestures,...

Screening of proteolytic activity of dermatophytes on different media
Umamaheswari, S., Parameswari, N. and Arvind Prasanth, D.

Dermatophytosis is one of the most common superficial fungal infections of the tropics caused by dermatophytes, invading the keratinized tissues of humans and animals. These dermatophytes secrete proteolytic enzymes which plays an important role in their pathogenecity. This present study was done to screen the dermatophytic moulds for protease enzymes A total of 81 dermatophytes were assayed for proteolytic activity qualitatively on casein, gelatin-peptone and keratin media and liquid...

Removal of dimethylsulphide in a bench-scale biofilter: some analytical solutions
Kirthiga, M. and Rajendran, L.

A mathematical model describing the biofiltration of dimethyle sulphide (DMS) in a bench-scale biofilter is discussed. This model contains the diffusion of the compounds through the biofilm and degradation of the compound along the biofilter column. The model proposed here is based on the mass transfer in gas-biofilm interface and chemical oxidation in the gas phase. Analytical expressions pertaining to the dimethyl sulphide concentration in the gas phase and bio-film phase have been derived...

Variation of protein content in freshwater bivalve lamelliden corrianus (Lea, 1834)
Padewar, S. K. and Mali, R. P.

Proteins are most abundant intracellular macro-molecules and constitute over half the dry weight of most organisms. Proteins are important organic substances required by an organism in tissues building and repair. Under extreme stress conditions, proteins have been known to act as the energy supplier in metabolic pathways and biochemical reactions. In the present investigation Protein is found maximum in gonads throughout summer season, increasing in rainy season and minimum in winter season...

Microbiological profile of Subcutaneous mycosis in a tertiary Care Hospital
Chauhan Smriti, Kashyap Nitin, M.S., Sood Anuradha, Jaryal Subhash, C, and Thakur Kamlesh

Background: Subcutaneous mycoses are infections confined to the subcutaneous tissue without dissemination. It includes a variety of clinical presentations like mycetoma, sporotrichosis, hyalohyphomycosis, chromoblastomycosis, phaeohyphomycosis, rhinosporidiosis and lobomycosis. Aims:This study was planned with the aim of determining the common etiological agents of subcutaneous mycosis in patients visiting our hospital.
Material and Methods:Skin biopsies received for fungal culture in...



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM